Jennifer Aniston is well known and an accomplished actress, as we all know. I am going to skip the biographical information that I often use to introduce a celebrity’s fitness and health routines. But I will say that she is now 52 years of age. She acknowledges that she has had nose surgery for a deviated septum.

She is 5’4″ tall and weighs 117 lbs. Her body measurements are 34 – 23 – 35 and her figure type can best be called slim.

Jennifer works hard to keep in shape and it shows! She has no children from her 3 marriages or other relationships.

As is the case with Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston has a personal trainer. Click on the foregoing links for the routines of JLo and Halle. These celebrities can easily afford their personal trainers, but it must be said that all three have the discipline and perseverance to stay fit. They do the work.


Ms. Aniston has developed fitness habits that serve her well. These have become second nature to her and her physical appearance justifies what she does. Her guidelines are listed here, as paraphrased from Women’s Health:

  • Jennifer begins with stretches and gentle movements to loosen up
  • She then goes into planking – basic plank, side plank, planks with shoulder taps
  • Jennifer puts her workouts into a perspective that relaxes her – no complicated movements, plenty of rest, no guilt
  • She likes to stretch her core – she hangs from a bar and raises and lowers her knees
  • She is more likely to do V-ups than sit ups. V-ups are illustrated below in a standard image.

  • When she has the time for a workout, Jennifer usually goes for an hour and a half. She doesn’t rush
  • She is flexible in her workout scheduling, depending on her work obligations. She has no rigid workout time.
  • Jennifer does intermittent fasting. So does Halle Berry. So do I (I eat breakfast at around 11:00, lunch immediately afterward and dinner around 5:00. Thus, nothing for 18 hours. It works for me and I don’t feel deprived).
  • She finds time for fitness, even 3:00 AM at times, when her work schedule is especially demanding
  • Jennifer eats nutrient-rich foods, protein, healthy carbohydrates, leafy greens, vegetables.

  • She gets plenty of sleep, usually rises at 9:00 AM
  • Jennifer loves to work out with resistance bands. See the options under “Resources”
  • She likes to vary her workouts. This prevents monotony.
  • She does boxing drills and likes these since it makes her think
  • Jennifer is consistent. She generally works out 5 times per week.
  • For her mental health, she maintains cordial relationships with her exes
  • She loves celery juice and meditation in the morning before her workouts
  • Jennifer stays well hydrated
  • She takes one day per week to pamper herself. On Sundays, she does a hydrating facial and leaves a mask on overnight
  • She does not heavily drink water before a workout
  • Jennifer suns for vitamin D, but always uses sunscreen
  • She loves her dog and walks him often, which helps to tone her legs
  • She hydrates steadily during the day and tries to avoid thirst
  • Jennifer likes healthy fats – avocados, salmon, fish oil, coconut oil.

  • Jennifer keeps a fitness journal. See my prior post on Food and Exercise Journals here
  • She owes her fitness success largely to her consistency
  • Jennifer likes a spin/yoga class several times each week – 25-30 minutes of spinning and 30-40 minutes of yoga
  • She varies her cardio – bike / treadmill / elliptical


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There is nothing casual about Jennifer Aniston’s approach to fitness and nutrition, though her persona is that of a calm and peaceful woman. She is in excellent shape and health. Beneath her placid countenance is a driven motivation to succeed in everything that she attempts to do.

She may get in a workout at 3:00 AM and she may do boxing drills for hours.

Her results are evident. She knows how to stay in shape.

Be sure to carefully read the listed habits that are a part of her lifestyle. They are ingrained in her and do not require a lot of deliberation. She knows what to do and she understands the need for flexibility.

Please leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and stay safe!



  1. While on your site, I also looked at your background and like that you include how your weight has changed over the years.  While I am not a senior (yet), I have found that through various stages of life, your weight does change.  To read the specifics of Jennifer Aniston’s workout routine, makes it sound much more reasonable.  You think about all of these people that do have a personal trainer and it seems unreachable.  However, the routine you have described that she follows sounds very reasonable.  I always have this picture in my mind of celebrities running for miles and lifting weights and performing extreme workouts daily.

    Thank you for putting keeping in shape in perspective.


    • Hi Susan! Thanks for your comments and insights – and for checking me out! Yes, celebrities use personal trainers for guidance because they can afford them, but THEY do the work. Also, they had lots of motivation to become celebrities in the first place. Jennifer Aniston is interesting in that she seems cool and collected, but has a very apparent internal drive that propels her to be successful. Please keep in touch! Richard

  2. Hi Richard,

    I really like Jennifer Aniston and after reading your post and seeing how disciplined and persevering she is, I even love her more! It is interesting to know that she drinks celery juice in the morning as I also started doing that these days. It definitely helps! 

    I love to read more articles about celebrities like this, so keep it up!



    • Hi Grace! Thank you for your input. I find that my articles on celebrities do indeed attract lots of attention. I have done about 25 of these, maybe more. Jennifer Aniston and others have the credibility of a very apparent fit body, which only comes from disciplined workouts and nutrition. How did Jennifer get that way? People want to know.

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