I woke up this morning with a headache. I was also dealing with a sinus infection. The two were most likely related.

My practice is to begin my day with a 30-minute workout, alternating the following:

  • Upper body workout (back, chest, biceps, triceps) and treadmill, one day and……
  • Abdominals, calves, neck workout and treadmill, the next day

But this morning was different. My energy was not there. Lying on my couch and reading seemed attractive to me.

But…..how could this possibly eliminate my headache? I decided to go outside and take a 15-minute walk. Later in the day, I did another 15-minute walk. The cool air was bracing and I had accomplished my goal of a 30-minute workout.

I have even at other times put my timer on and done quick and careful house cleaning to reach my 30-minute goal.

My point today is: we do not always need to do a structured resistance routine to meet our goals. First of all, we need goals and, secondly, we need flexibility to accommodate imperfect occasions.

The image below is what we do not need to become.


  • Create a routine, based on your needs, preferences and time allocations
  • Have a few variations to the plan in order to avoid monotony
  • Encompass these 3 legs, if you possibly can – resistance training, cardio and healthy nutrition
  • Stick to your routine religiously, as you stick with brushing your teeth in the morning
  • Be patient – results will be forthcoming
  • Above all, be consistent
  • Reward yourself as you meet goals

Here are several sources of fun workouts, for those who like to use videos. These are from Amazon. (As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn from qualified purchases). Scroll around from the links as you see fit.


I have used hundreds of workout items in my lifetime. At this point, in my senior years, I work out at home, though I still have a gym membership. My preference is to complete my 30 minute routine before breakfast each morning. Here are my favorite pieces of equipment or sources. Many of these sources are offering significant holiday discounts.

  • Nordic Track treadmill from Dick’s Sporting Goods use this link and go to cardio machines and equipment, but also check around for other needs.
  • Steel Bow and Bow Classic from Bullworker. These are excellent isotonic / isometric tools. High quality
  • Crunch device from Amazon – to protect my back on floor exercises

Here are a couple of health items that I like:

  • Whey protein powder from Amazon
  • Goli nutrition products I use apple cider vinegar, superfruit and ashwagandha gummies, as well as chocolate multi bites. Always use promo code workoutblogger for the best discounts and free shipping.


This post began as a reaction to my morning dilemma – how can I meet my workout goal with a nagging headache?

My general purpose is to present workout suggestions that I have gleaned from over 60 years of experience.

We all have different backgrounds, preferences and lifestyle settings. I actually enjoy resistance training. Others may be into dance routines and yoga, so Amazon selections shown above will usually satisfy those requirements.

I believe that 30 minutes per day is a reasonable minimal goal for those who want to enjoy a fitness lifestyle. I don’t see age as a limiting factor in most cases.

Being flexible and willing to adapt to unforeseen circumstances is my lesson for today, a lesson that I learned and am passing on.

Finally, please choose a lifestyle of fitness and health, You will never regret that choice!

Leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and stay safe!


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