and your feet will take care of you”. This mantra is well worth acknowledging and repeating. Our feet give us the only contact to the ground we walk on and our support for an upright position.

Many athletes and weight trainers can be obsessive about their arms, legs and more showy muscles. But how many take similar pride in their feet? Not many, I suspect. And yet, how often do foot injuries affect athletes?

I remember when Mchael Jordan tried to play an NBA game with a broken foot, only to need a cast for six weeks. When Peyton Manning was sidelined by plantar fascia and when Albert Pujols could not play first base due to plantar fasciitis.

Here are a few pertinent definitions:

  • Metatarsalga – pain in the balls of the feet, or the metatarsophalangeal joints. This is interdigital nerve pain or irritation.
  • Plantar fasciitis – heel pain extending from the bottom of the heel to the base of the toes. The band of tissue called the plantar fascia become inflamed.
  • Stress fractures – small cracks in the bones because of chronic and excessive impact. The midfoot bones are especially prone.

  • Bursitis – painful inflammation of the fluid-filled sac called the bursa. The heel has one bursa, between the Achilles tendon and the heel bone.
  • Heel spurs – pain caused by calcium deposits on the base of the heel
  • Ingrown toenail – this is when the edges of the nail grow into the surrounding skin. This may result in infection.

This post may be relatively short on words, since I will be using videos to show several foot exercise or therapy routines. As usual, I will include equipment options – for better health of our feet.


The videos below will show foot therapy routines in much better detail than I could by writing about them.

This video will show several foot and ankle exercises that we can use for foot strengthening. This is a workout for your feet.

Check this video out for the specifics of advanced foot massage for pain relief.

This is a great video for self treatment of foot pain.

This video is for seniors and includes exercises and tips for the feet. The fitness coach strongly recommends walking barefoot more often.

Check out this video for expert massage of the toes.


Amazon is loaded with devices for foot therapy. As an Amazon associate, I like to include their links in my posts, since they add relevance. I may benefit from activity on the links, though this has no effect on the pricing. With each of their links, we may expect pictures, full details, reviews and suggestions for similar options at different price points.

The links below will be in addition to links shown in my prior article on foot massagers.

Reflexology foot massager tool

Plantar fasciitis sock6 pairs of compression socks

Massage oil – with roller ball and massage brush

Red light foot therapy device

Foot bath massager with heat

Tea tree oil foot cream

Foot massager – I have used this vibrating foot massager for at least 30 years. The model now has more speed selections. This an ideal tool for relaxation so that I can be sure of a sound sleep at night.


First, here are a couple of other foot care sources to consider::

Barefoot Scientist – “give your feet the TLC they deserve”

Easy Feet – orthotic solutions

After more than 65 years of sports activity, I have had some foot issues, but not many. Playing college tennis, I had my ankles wrapped by a trainer. I had some form of athlete’s foot as a teenager, as I went from one locker room to another.

Even two years ago, I lost two toenails after walking up and down hills as a golf tournament spectator. It took a full year before they grew back. I learned that toenails grow at only half the speed of fingernails.

So, let’s take care of our feet and enjoy the soothing effects of foot massage whenever we can. By all means, be careful when purchasing new shoes!

Please leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and stay healthy!


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