In my senior years, I now work out every morning before breakfast. I just want to get the workout done and then go on to other things.

I have always been amazed by those who say they don’t have time for a workout. If you do a 30-minute workout, you are using 2% of your day for a healthy purpose and leaving 98% for other pursuits.

Any workout is better than no workout and it can be challenging to exercise after a hard day at work. But it can be refreshing and you will usually sleep better if you complete your routine several hours before bedtime. Also, what’s wrong with getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual?

This post will examine the reasons why a morning workout is the way to go. As usual, I will include equipment choices that can make the workout routine more enjoyable or more effective.


A workout must fit your needs and conveniences, no matter when. But there are compelling reasons in favor of morning workouts. Here are some, with thanks to Healthline and others:

  • Not so many distractions – you are able to get away from phone calls, text messages, emails and the like.
  • Beat the summer heat – on a hot day, it is not advisable to exercise outdoors between 10am and 3 pm
  • A good start to your total health program – you will most likely be energized to eat more nutritious foods for the rest of the day. I have found this to be very true. After a workout, I don’t want to sabotage a healthy start by overeating or choosing less healthy food options.
  • You’re more alert – your cortisol hormone reaches its peak at 8am, so you will likely be better “primed” to exercise

  • More overall energy – with an early workout, you are energized by the oxygen and nutrients that travel to your heart and lungs. This equates to more energy for the rest of the day.
  • Better focus – a morning workout will improve our attention, concentration and cognition for the remainder of the day. We should be able to make better decisions.
  • Better mood – since exercise releases endorphins, we will feel happier, more content and more optimistic
  • Weight loss support – research show us that 24 hour fat loss is more likely when we exercise before breakfast in the morning. On a personal note, I have been doing intermittent fasting for about 3 years, with significant weight loss. I am burning fat for longer periods of time. See my prior post on intermittent fasting.

  • Better appetite control – any exercise helps to regulate the hunger hormone, gherlin. There are some test results that show that morning exercise may control our appetites even better than exercise at other times.
  • Blood pressure management – exercise of any kind will help us control hypertension, but recent tests have shown that the most favorable blood pressure readings have shown up in morning workouts.
  • Improved sleep – tests have shown that those who work out in the mornings will sleep better and this is especially so if the morning workout is done outdoors


I am associated with Amazon in this sense – I am able to use their links within my website and benefit by activity on those links. This has no effect on pricing, except that I can often pass along discounts as they appear to me.

Amazon links are very complete and include pictures, full details, reviews and suggestions for similar choices at different prices.

Here are a few pertinent links:

Nordic Track treadmill – this is the model I use at home. It is not an expensive model, but it has stood up well for me for over 5 years so far. I use it when the weather precludes an outdoor walk.

Resistance bands with handles – I use these to avoid joint pain, yet they are as effective as dumbbells or barbells that I have used in the past.

Loop resistance bands – these work well when I do physical therapy movements. Also, they are good for lighter bodybuilding.

Crunch device – I use this tool for support of my back when I am doing crunches.


I also have associations with other providers, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bullworker Fitness. Both of these are updated at the side of my website. Just click on the links

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – the largest sporting goods merchant in the U.S. now has Memorial Day sales on Brooks shoes and many other items, Just click on the link at the side. You will see the question “What are you looking for?” Proceed from there.
  • Bullworker Fitness – Bullworker tools give us the convenience of doing both isotonic and isometric modes of exercise within the same set of reps. These are ideal for home workouts or to take along when you travel, Check them out at the side.
  • Total Gym – the ideal home gym for both strength training and cardio
  • Fit Track Dara scale – this is the ultimate means by which we may know what is happening inside our bodies. By stepping on the scale, we get readouts on 17 important health metrics.


Over 3 years ago, I wrote a post about Jeff Bezos – his workout and health routines. See it here. Jeff has lots of interesting concepts that may have contributed to his success in business and in health standards. One of these was his belief that he was most alert and therefore most effective between the hours of 10am and noon. At 5pm, he would defer any decisions to the next morning.

Jeff would also take a sleeping bag to work with him to make sure he had enough sleep to be at his best.

The conclusions of Mr. Bezos and some of the findings on morning workouts shown above seem to me to be important for all of us to consider.

I was only trying to make my meals fit my intermittent fasting, but I may have stumbled onto something good with my workouts before breakfast.

Let’s keep up with health standards and maintain a lifestyle of fitness. None of us will ever regret choosing that path.

Please leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.


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