At this point in my workout career, I have come to prefer doing quick exercise routines at home before breakfast. Gym workouts were very productive in the past – and I still recommend them – but exercise at home appeals to me more in my senior years. I am 80.

My reasons:

  • I like to get the exercise program out of the way as early as possible
  • There is no drive time involved, no gym dues, no waiting for equipment or machines
  • I like to weigh before and after my workout
  • I can dress as informally as I like

Tracking my weight is easy to do and I can analyze the effect of exercise routines and food choices. This requires keeping track of my sets and reps, as well as my calorie intake. But this chore is not that time-consuming and it forces me to be accountable.

I have been able to lose about 60 pounds in the last ten years by home exercise and calorie control. At this point, I can usually do a quick modification of my food intake and/or my exercise program to get back on track if I gain a few pounds. My goal is to keep my weight at 180 – 183 pounds and my blood pressure at 120/80.

Also, my more general workout goal is to maintain torso muscles, especially those in my core area. I am not interested in heavy weights at this point and I am more likely to do more reps per set than in years past, but with lighter weights.

I still maintain a gym membership and I see the value of working out with others – it’s a kind of group therapy. Going to a gym is still enjoyable and I don’t want to abandon the idea. Also, I would recommend home exercise as an alternative to those who go to gyms, a secondary option or back-up plan.


It seems that we are all preoccupied with losing weight and then maintaining our desired weight. For me, this has been a combined effort, consisting of cardio, resistance training and dietary control. For reasons I don’t fully understand, I can maintain my desired weight better now in my senior years than when I was playing tennis several times each week and working out with weights in the evening as well.

Maybe I felt that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I burned lots of calories. Big mistake!

I have finally concluded that cardio, resistance exercise and diet are all essential. My daily goal is to keep my calories under 2000 and to do a 30-minute workout each morning. My preference is to do intermittent fasting, which I discovered a couple of years ago. Here is my article on intermittent fasting.

It has been especially interesting to me to find out that I can get cardiovascular benefits from the resistance part of my routines. I had always been fully aware that my treadmill work or outside runs or walks produced good cardio effects. But now I find that doing high resistance reps with little rest between sets can be just as good. I know when I am out of breath or when I am perspiring!


I alternate the two following routines:

  • Back, chest, arms and cardio one day – 8 sets and 15 minutes cardio
  • Abdominals, calves, neck and cardio the next day – 8 sets and 15 minutes cardio

As you can see, these are not lengthy, strenuous routines. I periodically change the mode of resistance or the equipment, so that I may avoid burnout or boredom. For cardio, I either get on my treadmill or take a walk outside. This may seem strange, but sometimes my cardio is to clean one of my rooms at a fast pace (another reason to work out at home).

I don’t do quadriceps exercises because of knee injuries and I avoid direct shoulder movements because of a rotator cuff sprain.

My main thrust is to be consistent and I generally don’t miss a morning workout unless I have pain somewhere or have a morning appointment.

I like to use this equipment:

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Dumbbells, also from Amazon. Here is pertinent information

Nordic Track,  from Amazon. Check current prices

Bullworker Steel Bow and Bow Classic. These are spring-loaded tools, for both isotonic and isometric forms of resistance.  Take a look at the full Bullworker website.

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Healthy eating habits have never been easy for me to develop. I have found that tracking my calories consumed – per each meal – has provided my best results. Also, I like to relax and breathe deeply before I begin any meal. Eating slowly also helps.

I began my intermittent fasting routine not long ago and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to lose weight at least consider this approach to eating. I have never found it to be oppressive or difficult in any way. It is an effective way to boost my metabolism.

Drinking water consistently has also been a big factor in my weight control. A good rule is to drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water daily. My goal is to drink 100 ounces per day, at 182 pounds. Also, there is additional water within many of the foods we eat.

My practice is to blend a fruit drink every day, consisting of a banana, lots of berries, some honey, water and often protein powder. This is part of my first meal, breakfast at around noon. My fast would have been from 5:00 pm the previous day, about 19 hours.

I can control calories (usually) and stay with intermittent fasting, but I am often concerned with the value of those calories. Do I really get enough fruits and vegetables?

I have found that Goli Nutritional products are very helpful. The apple cider vinegar gummies are well known and they do indeed suppress my appetite. The Goli gummies and “bites” help to replenish the nutritional values that I may be otherwise missing. See for yourself.


These principles, practices and products have worked for me over my years as a senior. They might have also worked well in my earlier days of working out. At that point, I did heavier exercise, for longer periods and for three times per week. That was an effective plan, but it seemed that I was often confronted with viewpoints from others that were misleading or non-productive.

The learning process was slow in those days. Nautilus users were in conflict with those who preferred free weights. Everyone had an opinion, some of which were of little benefit. Suffice it to say that workout issues and health practices in 2022 are understandably much improved over those in the 1960s or earlier.

My guiding principles today are quite simple – be consistent, make changes as necessary and stay motivated.

Please leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below or email me, richard@tmyworkoutathome.com.

Stay healthy!


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