Looking back on six decades of workouts, I can conclude that the most effective aspect of my training has been my detailed tracking of what I have done. This has been more important to me than equipment choices, sets/reps or duration of workouts.

There are many reasons why workout journals or other devices are effective. Generally, they contribute to performance, motivation and goal achievement.

Personally, I like to list what I have done in detail and then make informed decisions on what to do next. Knowing that I am holding myself accountable, I am inclined to achieve and journalize favorable information. Also, I benefit by entering information that is less than favorable. I then know what changes to make.

There are many ways to track our workout progress and this post will show a few. But first, here are the reasons why this is important.


  • Consistency. Tracking workouts helps to establish a routine. By logging our exercises, we create a record of our training history, making it easier to identify patterns and to stay committed to our routines.
  • Commitment. The act of tracking reinforces our dedication, since we have tangible records of our efforts.


  • Quantifiable data. We can quantify our progress by monitoring changes in strength, endurance and other fitness parameters over time. Seeing improvement can boost motivation and confidence.
  • Identifying plateaus. Regularly reviewing our workout logs helps to identify plateaus or periods of stagnation. We can then adjust our routines, introduce new challenges or otherwise modify our approach to break through the plateaus.


  • Specific targets. Tracking workouts facilitates goal setting by providing a clear understanding of our current capabilities. We can then set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals based on recorded data. Check my previous post on goal setting.
  • Adaptability. As we track our progress, we can adjust our goals to align with our evolving fitness level. This ensures that our objectives remain challenging and realistic.


  • Visual evidence. Tangible evidence of our progress, such as increasing weights, distances or completion times, serves as a powerful motivator. Looking back at past achievements can boost confidence and inspire continued effort.
  • Wearables. Modern technology provides real-time feedback and visual representations of what we have done. This provides motivation and engagement.


  • Effective planning. By tracking workouts, we can plan our sessions more effectively. This includes organizing exercise routines, setting rest intervals and optimizing the overall structure of our workouts.
  • Preventing overtraining. We can prevent overtraining by being sure that our exercise intensity and volume are appropriate for our fitness level. Overtraining can lead to burnout, injuries and decreased performance.


I have used Amazon as a source for tracking tools and for many other fitness items. As an Amazon associate, I am able to use their links within my articles to provide relevant tools for others. I may earn from activity on the links, though the prices are the same as always.

Each link will show descriptions, pictures, reviews and suggestions for similar or complementary items.

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There is no reason to wonder how we are progressing in our fitness journey. With a little care, we can always know if we are meeting our goals.

Better still, we can motivate ourselves to continue the journey with more enthusiasm. Don’t be one of these:

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