I work out primarily at home, occasionally at gyms. There is no best place to exercise for strength and fitness. My preference is to finish a routine in about 30 minutes and then begin the rest of my day. I have found much better consistency with my brief but intense home workouts. I rarely miss a day.

There may be those who can only be motivated by the presence of others as they work out. This is understandable, but there can also be the temptation to socialize so much that little exercise is done. I have seen this often.

Motivation for “home alone” workouts may be challenging. Workouts may become boring. Uninspired drudgery.

Studying may be tedious, but we love good grades or test scores. Working may be less than exciting, but we are thankful for our paychecks. Similarly, we may not relish exercising, but we are proud of our fit bodies and improved health.

There is nothing complicated about a workout routine. Most people are able to move their bodies or overcome various forms of weighted resistance. There is very little to “figure out”.

In my opinion, fitness and strength lie completely in the realm of motivation.

We either aspire to look and feel better or we don’t. But, if we do, there is a price to pay – dedicated effort. It is quite easy to make excuses and to stay on the path of less resistance. We all do this at times. The secret is to lessen these times, if not completely eliminate them.


There are ways and means to maintain our motivation. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Organize your equipment in a room, section of your home or garage. This is a good first step to serious conviction.
  • Set up your routines in advance. Use a journal. Be accountable. See my prior post on journals
  • Avoid playing games on your Smartphone or computer as you rest between sets.
  • Dress in nice workout clothing. (I don’t do this, but I understand that it may psychologically affect your routine in a positive way). See my prior post on workout apparel. This shows a large selection of choices for men and women.
  • Play music as you work out. I can recall a time when I felt like getting off my treadmill. A song by Elton John inspired me to keep going for 10 more minutes.


Before we can prepare our routines in advance, we must have a good idea about what we intend to do and what movements are appropriate to that end. Are we working with resistance cords or dumbbells ? Or simply our bodyweight?

Do we want a full body workout? Do we seek weight loss? Cardio only? Weight gain? Specialization on certain body parts?

You may go to the home page of my website and scroll through dozens of articles that encompass all of the above options.

Another possibility is to invest a few dollars in workout videos. They can be bought or rented. They provide a form of companionship as you exercise at home. Best of all, they inspire and motivate you.

Here is a list of video options to consider:

For equipment (resistance cords, dumbbells or Bullworker products), see my prior post on chest workouts for plenty of options.


Becoming motivated is one thing. Staying motivated is the real test.

Patience is important. We can’t become fit in a couple of weeks, though we can surely get started and even show signs of progress. Assiduous attention to a workout routine for about 3 months should produce enough positive change that we will be inspired to keep going with greater dedication.

It isn’t that difficult!

No rocket science here. But I have seen people give up after a few weeks of “going to the gym”. Others may “go to the gym” a couple of times before a planned beach trip. Excuses proliferate when results are not immediate.

It is certainly possible that someone may not value a fit and muscular body. But I have heard well-intentioned people suggest that workouts don’t work for them, that they tried but had no success. Their bodies “didn’t respond”. This tends to strain one’s credulity.

All of this is not to cast any aspersions upon anyone who is not interested in working out. In my neighborhood, I see a few walking around at times – maybe 5 – 10 out of 200. The others have values and ideals that may not include exercise. Many of these values may be more worthy than mine. But I am writing for those who clearly see the importance of fitness and strength – and for those who are struggling to find motivation, while understanding the value of exercise.

This has been a relatively short post, but I am convinced that the subject matter is most important for those who value a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Please leave any comment or questions in the “Comments” box below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well!



  1. I have a home gym and use it often. The motivation factor does come into play as you state, and your suggestions are very helpful as are the images that you included. You are right that not that many people actually use their gyms effectively. Most prefer to head to the local community gym from what I have observed.

    My preference is to not have the exercise portion of my day take too much time away from all the other activities that I have ahead, so I like starting early and getting it over with. I am an old school fitness guy, having spent 25 years in the military, and we always did our workouts early.

    These days it seems there are too many distractions and devices, gadgets, and etc. that can help but also hinder what really is required. Doing the work and having the tenacity to get it done even when you do not feel like it is not going to change with the addition of gadgets. 

    Staying in shape is not a hard thing to do if you have the determination to do so. Once you have a routine it is easier to keep that in place I have found. The motivation for me is the thought that I can collect my retirement pay for another 21 years if I stay in relatively good shape. I no longer jump over tall buildings in a single leap, but I can hang with the youngsters out there who are in their 50s! Thanks for a good post, I enjoyed reading through it!

  2. Hey, Your workout routine helps everyone think  about their health like me. Now I am more serious about my health. I tried workout many time for few month. Now I decided we have to do it on continuously go remain on feet and healthy. Your guide gives me real motivation & I hope many people will start workout after reading your article. Now I am enjoying my life with positive mindset.

  3. I have a young high performance child athlete who benefits greatly from at home workouts to supplement her weekly training schedule. I also have experience with my eldest daughter and wife signing up for gym memberships, but never actually making it to the gym on a regular bases. I think my wife used the tanning facility more then actual workout equipment. I myself find that at home workouts eliminate the excuses and help us actually get the work done, whether its early in the morning, in the middle of the day or late at night. I do believe if you are disciplined and have the time to workout at gyms, it can also have it’s advantages. The variety of equipment and over all environment can motivate some people to work harder. At the end of the day it really depends on a persons life style and personality that will be the deciding factor as to where and how they workout. The most important thing is to make sure you find the time to take care of your self and your health through regular exercise. 

  4. Your post just motivated me to workout at home because I don’t get to go to the gym for work. I just don’t know what exercises to use to keep fit. daughter because it bothers them. I also like to be alone when training.If you would start training at home now then by summer you could have good fitness.

  5. Hi Richard!

    First of all, I like all the quotes in your post above! These are the kind of quotes that can be printed out and pasted somewhere visible (like our room or work desk!) to serve as a reminder to work out!

    You are so right in saying that it is easy to be motivated but STAYING motivated, now that struggle is real! You meet your fit friend, you watch a movie and see a person with good physique; its so easy to feel motivated. You exercise for the next few days, and then the daily life routine takes over and suddenly the work outs are out of the picture!

    But that’s the thing, work outs need to be in our routine. We really need to change our daily/weekly routine and MAKE time to work out so it becomes a consistent event in your life (say 3 times a week), and not find time to squeeze in and end up having work outs which are days or even weeks apart from each other, which makes it less effective to get us fitter. Of course, its easier said than done, but like you mentioned, the price to pay is dedicated effort!

    Idris 💪

  6. these are some great tips for keeping motivated to work out. Working out becomes much easier with music and also writing in a journal can make it so you can easily adhere to fitness goals and making it so that it’s manageable. Distractions will always put a damper on your fitness routine.

  7. Hi Richard, good to see you share this awesome post on home workout motivation. I know that doing it in the gym and at home would yield similar results but I’d prefer to do my workouts at home and I’d need some motivation to succeed by the way. This article is really helpful with regards to that. Thanks for sharing your amazing tips and those workout videos will go a long in keeping us motivated and would give us great companionship.


  8. Motivation is essential to sticking with an exercise program. A lack of it can be the one thing that derails you faster than anything else. It’s great that you have put together this list of recommendations to help keep people engaged. For me, I like to listen to music sometimes, but others I enjoy use the silence of the early morning and getting a workout done. I prefer to work out at home because it is easier for me to stay motivated and I don’t have to spend time away from my family. Thanks for this awesome post!

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