I don’t especially care about workout apparel, since I usually work out at home. When I played competitive tennis, I was not too attentive about my clothing either.

But these posts are for others who may care about their appearance when they are active.

Digressing briefly, my hosting and teaching platform for my site and blogs is Wealthy Affiliate. This is a global membership – based community of affiliate marketers. Members are constantly asking questions of the general group. My recent request was to seek suggestions for subject matter within my posts. I had a couple of responses, both from women:

  • “How can a couch potato improve her body?”. (This generated my couch potato post, seen here)
  • “What about attire?” (This shows me that apparel may be at the top of many lists)

Before I leave the subject of Wealthy Affiliate, let me provide access to information about this opportunity.

There are other reasons to speak of workout apparel, namely:

  • Many people work out in communion with others, as I sometimes do.
  • In fact, exercise offers a great chance for social interaction
  • It’s not entirely about appearance. Comfort counts as well.


When I worked out constantly in co- ed gyms, I always found that ladies enjoyed dressing to impress. It seemed to me that men didn’t care as much about clothing, but this may have since changed. I feel confident that the ladies still are dressing well. And why not?

Check the links below for attractive and reasonably priced ladies’ workout apparel. Descriptions and precise information are provided. The clothing featured in the links will also have related suggestions to consider.


Menswear provides a setting about which I have a bit more knowledge, being out of my element with sports bras and leggings! I have recently purchased a knit cap, a compression tee shirt and a long sleeved logo shirt – both shirts by Under Armour. Nike and Adidas are other brands that I like.

As stated previously, I am not too particular about clothing to sweat in. But I enjoy sportswear that is comfortable and somewhat fashionable. Lately, I have accumulated shorts, workout pants, shirts and sweaters by Under Armour. I like the look and the feel.

Here are a few choices for men to consider. Note again – the links will provide illustrations and pertinent sizing and color information, as well as many related choices within the same link.


It seems to me that there may be a nice synergistic relationship going on between fit bodies and attractive workout clothing. And especially so when men and women are exercising together.

It makes sense! When we become fit, we want to “rock” our clothing. We don’t want baggy clothing. Also, we might as well look good – to the extent that we can – as we are beginning our journey to a better body.

The idea of a compression tee shirt is a bit daunting for me, but I have worked out enough that I hope to be ready for the challenge. We shall see.

Please leave any comments or questions in the “Comments” box below. Or email me – richard@myworkoutathome.com. Here is a special request. Please suggest workout topics that interest you This will be quite helpful. I would not have considered workout apparel as a topic without such a suggestion.

Be well!



    1. That’s so true! When you’re fit you want to have good clothing but also when you have good workout clothes it definitely gives you a kick up the bum to use them more often! I’ve bookmarked this website as getting fit at home is such a great way for me to stay in Shape with the busy schedule

    2. I’m a lot like you from what I gather, working out at home and not really caring too much about what I wear for the occasion. I do however see your point about women dressing sharper than men when it comes to the gym scene. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years hitting it up at various gyms, and women almost always don finer threads.

      In fact, it wasn’t until my time doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that clothing became important for me. Rashguards, gis,  and other articles became less of a novelty and more of a necessity to get the job done right.

    3. Hi, I tend to work out at home, in which case I do not worry a whole lot about work out apparel. Simply because I am not doing anything that requires it. I do not do a lot of cardio or heavy sweating exercises at home.

      However, if I am going for a run outside then I will dress according to the weather obviosly. I do not bring my phone with me just because it is so big and bulky. I will always bring my headphones and listen to my success audiotapes. (I get annoyed with music quickly)

      A good pair of insoles is a good idea for your running shoes. Quite often they will already come with a good insoles, but just realize that your heels are hitting the ground hard when you are running and that can be harder on your knees.  Good insoles will absorb the shock and lessen the effects of it.

      I also like wearing a hat, which keeps the sweat from going into my eyes and face.

    4. I like the slogan on the woman’s hoodie in the photo, “stressed, depressed, but well dressed”, it’s funny in a way. I don’t go to a gym, but I have a very active lifestyle. I like gym wear though. Some tank tops look great and I like tank tops. And after someone has worked out at the gym for a few months, of course he or she should flaunt their toned body in nice gym wear, right? The built in bra tank tops are very nice and they look comfortable. I would wear them here, outside while working on my land. The workout tank tops are also pretty. I think I could wear them casually when going for a walk on the beach. 

    5. Hi Richard, thank you very much for this article. I feel right that you wrote, that we need attractive workout clothing, so we can become more fit. I am 32, and three times a week, I go to the gym to exercise. And honestly, every time I exercise, I like seeing my appearance in the mirror. So unconsciously, I must have noticed whether the clothes I wear are good or fit on my body.

      And because of your writing, I became aware of what you said here.

      Well, maybe I should look for other workout clothing too.

      • Kylie, attractive ladies always enjoy attractive clothing. One of life’s eternal truths! Thanks for confirming this…Richard

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