Some of us (myself included) like to get our workouts over before we eat breakfast in the morning. Others may want to do their workouts after a busy day at work. Still others may prefer gyms, but like to have a workout option at home when it’s inconvenient to go to a gym.

We may like quicker workouts, or we may like to dress as we choose or we might object to the regimentation of gyms – waiting for someone to finish an exercise machine before we can work in.

Gyms are great, but there are dues to pay (unless you have a Silver Sneakers card). Gyms also may have machines that direct our path of motion with no variables. Or we may become so interested in socializing that our workouts diminish in value.

My first experience with a home gym goes back to my parents’ garage when I was 18 years old. I had a barbell with lots of plates for different poundages. I had a bench and squat racks to use with the bench for benching or for squatting or calf raises. Also, I had a makeshift abdominal board. This was very unsophisticated, but I got great results by raising barbell poundages and thereby growing noticeably.

For most of my senior years, I have worked out in gyms, but lately I have become more of an “at home” advocate.

This post will cover the choices we have for home gym equipment and my personal experience in choosing equipment.


Those with lots of unused space may be able to build a home gym equal to most public gyms. The picture above will show the semblance of such a gym.

Cardio equipment is important, though I had no treadmill when I was growing up. I could always go for a run or long walk and I often did.

My focus in this post is to emphasize equipment that may be moved after a workout, but I will include a few larger choices, based on what I have used.

The picture below shows the very minimum of what may be considered a home gym, though that may be stretching the point.


As an Amazon associate, I may use their links in my posts and I do so when they are relevant. I may benefit from activity on the links, though this does not raise or lower their prices. Actually, I can often point out Amazon discounts as they occur.

Amazon can be trusted to give us fair prices, good service and Prime for even better service. Each link leads to other links with similar or different options.

First, here are a couple of larger fitness choices:

Nordic Track treadmill – I use this treadmill and have found it to be very long-lasting at a small price (for treadmills).

Teeter inversion table – this helped me reduce back pain as I could suspend myself upside down after working up to that point. A chiropractor friend recommended the Teeter brand over all others.

Next, here are some of the smaller and more easily movable pieces of equipment.

Adjustable dumbbells – I have used these and enjoy their versatility

Resistance bands – these are effective for all muscle groups, at a very small price. There are many selections to look at. The ones shown are very effective, but look around.

Crunch device – I use this to protect my back when doing crunches

Push-up board – this is great for adding depth to your push-ups and also for engaging different muscle groups as you may choose. I have used this for years.

A couple of items with less resistance – for beginners or for women who don’t want heavier resistance

3, 5 and 8 pound dumbbells with stand

Loop resistance bands – often used by women as “booty bands”. I have used them for physical therapy or for a light arm workout.


Total Gym – the iconic all-in-one home gym, originally promoted by Chuck Norris

Bullworker Fitness – high quality home workout tools with the option of giving us both isotonic and isometric modes within the same set of reps. Click on this link or the one at the side of my website.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – see the red link at the side of my website. Check for details, including discounts. This is the largest sporting goods dealer in the United States and my favorite source for athletic goods for decades.


Where or when we workout is not as importance as the consistency of doing so. It is helpful to try a variety of exercise tools. This will prevent boredom and also give us a more appealing result.

Many people may say that they have no time for workouts. The reality is that a 30-minute workout takes roughly 2% of our day and leaves 98% for other pursuits.

Please consider a lifestyle of exercise and good health, if you have not already. You will never regret that decision!

Leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and be careful in the heat!


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