I well remember the peer pressure to be cool on campus. Or to prepare for organized sports in junior high school, high school or college.

Back to school deals are far more plentiful now than when I was growing up. Stores and Online businesses recognize the opportunity as well as the competition. Online providers have become important because of the convenience they offer, even apart from their discounts.

But they offer discounts to stay viable. This makes them especially popular when we go back to school.

This post will be touch upon the following:

  • Amazon electronics
  • Amazon sports and outdoors
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Educational products from other sources


As an Amazon associate, I may use their links in conjunction with my fitness subjects. In this case, I am showing links that have back to school value and may not apply to fitness.

I may benefit from activity on the links, which will neither raise nor lower the Amazon prices. Of course, I am showing “deals”, which already have lowered prices.

Amazon is well noted for their inventory of products. They have just about everything anyone may want. Their service and pricing are favorable and the Prime membership adds even more benefits to us. If there is ever a problem to be solved, they act quickly.

I am showing electronic products at random. Every link has a full description, images, reviews and further links to similar choices at different prices. So shop around from one link to another.

Wireless headphones – 40% off

Portable Bluetooth speaker – 31% off

Wireless charging stand – 12% off

Wireless portable printer – 33% off

Slim laptop – 15% off

Wireless color cartridge printer – 29% off

Flat plug extension cord – 44% off

Portable charger – 21% off

Fitbit health and fitness smartwatch – 20% off

Surge protector power strip – 10% off


These Amazon items will be more consistent with my niche and will prepare us for better fitness, team sports or outdoor fun.

Under Armour backpack – 25% off

Workout bench – 33% off

Padded stadium seats – 15% off

Under desk treadmill – 35% off

Pickleball paddles – 20% off

Complete resistance band set – 10% off

Swim goggles – 33% off

Instant cabin tent – 10% off

Cross backless workout top for women – $16.13

Loop resistance bands – 51% off (less than $11.00)


I have been a customer of Dick’s Sporting Goods for at least 5 decades. The largest sporting goods merchant in the United States, they have been my source for:

  • Tennis racquets, balls and accessories
  • Golf club sets, special wedges and putters, balls, gloves and other accessories
  • Exercise equipment – weights and other forms of resistance
  • Sportswear – shirts, shorts, hats, jackets

As an associate, I may benefit from my experience with the company – and may now earn as my link is used. I may also notify my readers of their specials. DSC participates fully in back-to-school specials.

Look for discounts in these categories:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Kids’
  • Golf
  • Outdoor

More specifically, look for:

  • Up to 50% off Nike, Adidas and Patagonia
  • Up to 30% off men’s, women’s and kids’ fleece – hoodies, joggers and more
  • Up to 50% off golf footwear – FootJoy, Puma and more
  • 25% off Quest tents
  • Up to 50% off accessories – backpacks, socks and more

My link to Dick’s Sporting Goods is at the side of my website. The process is simple:

  • Click on the red link at the side
  • You will see the question “What are you looking for?”
  • Proceed from there


Here is a lengthy list of links to a wide variety of educational products, with a variety of goals – to prepare for school, to improve school performance, even to enhance homeschooling. Every item shown is from a different provider. Every item offers specific discounts.

Knetbooks – save money by renting textbooks

At a Glance – day planners and calendars to organize your studies

Babbel – learn foreign languages effectively

Better World Books – save by buying used books

Discount School Supply – a variety of items for very young students and upward

E Campus.com – buy, rent and sell textbooks

Highlights – children’s magazines, gifts and book clubs

Hooked on Phonics – build strong foundation of reading skills and phonics

Kidsbooks.com – large selection at good prices

Lingoda– online learning of French, German, Spanish and English

Mead – notebooks for school or office

Muzzy – children can learn a second language by playing games and watching cartoons

Phonics in Motion – early literacy tools and materials

R. Test – evaluate a student’s test readiness

Rosetta Stone – effective learning of over 20 different languages

Target Test Prep – help students get high scores on standardized tests

Textbook.com – over 10 million in stock, up to 90% off

Unlock Your Voice – learn to sing!

Alpha Omega Publications – homeschooling curriculum tools


School days can be the most productive of our times. Let’s make the most of these opportunities. I will never forget moving to a new school system just before my senior year in high school and knowing nobody there. “Back to school” can be challenging socially.

By all means, let’s honor our teachers and professors. Their jobs are difficult and crucial to our culture.

Study hard and make it count!


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