The triceps muscle comprises roughly 2/3 of the upper arm. It runs along the humerus between the elbow and the shoulder. When we extend our forearm and straighten our elbow, the triceps is contracted.

If we straighten our elbows overhead against resistance, the triceps is engaged. The same is true if we straighten our elbow backward with resistance or if we do so by pushing up from a floor position or from parallel bars.

The correct anatomical name is triceps brachii, There are three heads to the triceps – lateral, medial and long. Serious bodybuilders tend to prioritize the triceps muscles, since they want muscular arms.

Before I get into home workouts, let me show this gym video, with expert triceps instruction. Note the “horseshoe” appearance on the back of Damien Patrick’s arms. Also, note his emphasis on slow “negatives”.  The purpose of the video is to show the shape of a well developed triceps.

For those who are not serious bodybuilders, but who only want to avoid flabbiness on the backs of their arms, triceps work is the way to go – along with fewer calories.and cardio.

The rest of this post will feature home workouts for the triceps, based on equipment you may have.


The classic push-up works the triceps muscles, along with chest and shoulders. We are straightening our arms against the resistance of the floor.
To more closely engage the triceps. we can try a position with hands close together.


I have used a push-up board, which allows me to target specific muscle groups, including the triceps. The handles with the board allow for more depth in the exercise.

I got this from Amazon. As an Amazon associate, I may place their links in my articles and earn from purchases made from the links. This has no effect on the pricing (and I am also able to report on specials that come up periodically).

Here is the push-up board


Parallel bar dips are proven triceps developers and the bars can be placed into our home gyms easily.

Here is a dipping station and there are many similar ones from Amazon


Triceps extensions may be done with one dumbbell, as shown below. She is preparing to extend her right arm from the elbow, after which she will work her left arm.

Three sets with 10-12 reps may be done per arm. Do these along with biceps curls for a great arm “pump”.

Triceps “kickbacks” are also very effective. See below.

Here is an adjustable dumbbell set from Amazon.

And a set of lighter dumbbells with stand.


It may be more convenient to use resistance bands instead of dumbbells. We can get a similar result and possibly protect our joints more easily by use of the bands.

The “kickback” can be done in the same way – by attaching the bands by use of the door anchor, which comes with all the sets.

Here is a complete set.

To simplify even further, a good triceps workout may be done by holding a loop band with one hand at our collar bone area and then extending the other end of the loop downward with the other hand.

This set is available for less than $13.00.


I would recommend that newcomers to home triceps workouts consider the space you have and which form of equipment would best meet your needs. Pick out a couple of workout tools and then set up a routine.

It makes sense to work the triceps along with your biceps curls. A couple of triceps exercises along with curls would be a good start. Do 8 reps per arm. Then move to 10 reps when you can, then 12 reps. After 12 reps, raise your resistance, whether different dumbbells or thicker resistance bands.

Another good option is to work chest and triceps together. Push-ups and dips work both muscle groups.

Don’t forget the push-up board or dipping stand. If you have barbells, I would recommend close grip bench presses, but be sure to use a lighter weight than you would use for the basic bench press reps.

If you want barbells and benches for your home gym (as I once had), check my link to Dick’s Sporting Goods at the side of my website – and don’t forget Dick’s Sporting Goods for any team or individual sports equipment. They are the experts!

One more reminder – Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Check my prior post on this romantic day.

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Stay healthy!





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