A couple of days ago, I weighed 177.4. The next day, I weighed 178.8. I had not eaten many more calories, though a bit more. My daily exercise had been very similar, actually more. I keep careful records and might have been disappointed a few years ago. But this is not unusual. I have noticed inconsistencies in weight loss for as long as I have been keeping records.

This post will examine the reasons that consistent calorie control and exercise do not always yield consistent results in the short term. Most of us will be aware of the inconsistency. We are also aware that the loss pattern will soon become straighter with time, if we maintain good health habits.


It is easy to become disappointed with inconsistent weight loss. But some of the reasons may be beyond our control:

  • We may be retaining water. Our bodies are usually 60% water, but this may vary during the day. Our kidneys are working to remove excess fluid, but we still may be holding extra water. Reasons may be a diet rich in sodium, medications (for high blood .pressure, for example), female periods and lack of exercise.
  • Gaining muscle. Muscles weigh more than fat, so this is healthy weight gain. As muscles are torn down and then repaired through resistance training, we retain water during the process.
  • Constipation. Normal bowel movements will not affect weight loss inconsistency, but constipation definitely will. Fluids, activity and fiber-rich foods will help.
  • Carbohydrate loading. (This is an issue with me). Carbohydrates are great for energy, but our bodies turn them into glucose, which is stored for use at a later time. Along with water!

  • We may weigh at different times. Morning is best, since we will eat, drink and be filled with undigested food later.

I weigh every morning before breakfast. There are strong suggestions by some that we should weigh only once per week, in order to avoid the daily fluctuations. This is sensible, but I prefer to weigh every morning, since I anticipate the fluctuations and can deal with them. It is certainly a good idea to weigh at the same time if we weigh daily.

Simplifying things:

  • Weight gain or loss is usually the result of our food and water intake
  • Our weight is determined by the number of calories we consume vs. the number of calories we burn
  • Foods high in carbohydrates, sodium or fat take longer to process and create more fluctuation.

See my prior post “How I lost more than 60 pounds”.


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The primary message of this post is to strongly suggest that we avoid any disappointments associated with irregular weight control (if we are eating nutritious food, exercising and hydrating). The weight will come off!

I have learned over the years that quick fixes don’t work. They are not lasting, at least not for me. At one point, I had tried every diet that I had heard about. Low fat, Dr. Atkins, Slim Fast, etc. At another point, I decided to only buy food that I knew I would not like. This “diet” didn’t last as long as the groceries did.

Calorie control, physical activity and hydration worked for me. Let’s be sure to develop habits that will sustain us when motivation lapses. Make lifestyle changes instead of looking for quick fixes!

And let’s exercise patience when inconsistencies show up!

Please leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well!


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