TRX, or Total Body Resistance Exercise, uses our bodyweight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Gravity is leveraged to make this happen.

U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick developed the training method and essential products. He was in Southeast Asia and had no gym or exercise equipment. He used jiu-jitsu belts and parachute webbing to create the first version of a TRX trainer.

Randy later appealed to private investors to create the line of products that we see today.

Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Gwen Stefani and other celebrities use TRX systems in their training. Former pro quarterback Drew Brees used TRX to increase his effectiveness.

TRX trainers may be set up in gyms, outdoor parks or at home.

Here is a quick video to show the home application.

This post will continue with more information on TRX, including training videos and how to acquire the trainers through Amazon.

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Health and Fitness Travel lists these

  • :It is suitable for all levels. Resistance can be changed by altering the position of our bodies.
  • The TRX training works all of our muscles. It is versatile and can be set up indoors or outdoors. We can take the TRX sets as we travel
  • We can improve our muscular strength and cardio endurance in the same workout
  • Our entire body is engaged
  • The training is low impact and our joints are not under much stress.
  • Since TRX training is different, we can avoid the monotony of gym workouts by a completely different mode of exercise or by adding TRX to our typical routines.


It seems to me that the best way to describe TRX routines is to show videos. This is because the exercise movements and the nature of the equipment are unlike traditional weight lifting and other workout modes.

The first video is by Randy Hetrick, the creator of TRX. Basic information about setting it up and more.

The next video – very brief – is of a muscular young man who has his TRX trainer set up at a beach location. He is showing one exercise for each major muscle group.

The third video shows a female fitness instructor at home with a complete workout, including warm-up and cool-down.

Here is a 10 minute TRX video by Amy of Bodyfit by Amy.


Here is a reasonably priced TRX set for home or outdoor use

A trainer set for more experienced TRX users

TRX also has a resistance band set


Please carefully view the videos showing different TRX applications. Most of them are very short and they are all easily understood. It would have been difficult for me to try to otherwise describe how TRX works.

There aren’t many ways to accomplish a strength and cardio workout within one routine, but TRX gives us this.

Amazon can provide more descriptions within the links shown above. They can also provide quick delivery and excellent service in general.

Whether you like gyms, home set-ups, beaches, parks or traveling equipment, TRX can help out.

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