Taylor Alison Swift was born December 13, 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. She is 5’11 inches tall at a weight of 128 pounds.

She is a blue eyed blonde who loves cooking, playing her guitar or piano – and cats.

I have not done a fitness article on a celebrity in a while, though prior ones gained strong readership. Taylor is a celebrity who seems to have unlimited energy. She stays in excellent physical shape. so there must be an explanation for this.


Working out keeps Taylor looking good, and it also helps her coordination and endurance, which are important as she performs. On her Eras tour, she will dance and sing for three hours almost every night.

When in New York, Taylor likes to visit the Body by Simone studio, as do some Victoria’s Secret models.

She will begin with a dance-cardio program, such as this 45 minute routine.

Then she will do resistance exercises. Here is one of her bodyweight routines, for 20 minutes:

  • 3 sets of 10 jump lunges
  • 2 sets of 10 push-up shoulder taps
  • 10 side plank oblique crunches, for each side
  • 2 sets of 10 explosive jump squats
  • 2 side-lying leg swings on each side
  • Swimmer exercise for 10 seconds
  • Cool down stretch
  • Cat-cow stretch
  • Downward dog
  • 3 deep breaths

Generally, Taylor runs on a treadmill for an hour every day. Of course, there are exceptions. She also works out with dumbbells, though not heavy ones.


Taylor leads a super busy life, but she is careful about her breakfast. No quick Pop-Tart for her!

She makes buckwheat crepes, with ham, Parmesan cheese and a fried egg on top.

She drinks fresh squeezed orange juice every morning.

During the week, she cuts out sugary drinks and chooses salads, yogurt and sandwiches. She keeps her meals reasonably light, but doesn’t follow a strict diet.

Weekends are different. She may go for a burger and fries. And ice cream!

Living in Nashville, Tennessee, she enjoys southern comfort food – chicken sandwiches, lemonade and especially sweet potato casseroles.

She likes Starbucks and their Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Taylor loves to grill and her favorites are marinated chicken, garlic green beans and burgers.

She bakes and eats cookies – she came up with chai sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog icing.  This creation became quite popular with friends. She also bakes pumpkin bread and ginger molasses cookies.

Taylor also loves fast foods, particularly McDonald’s fries and ice cream selections. Finally, she is a big fan of burritos and chicken tenders.

Her bottom line – she has no real restrictions on food, yet she has the discipline to eat carefully during the week and keep her weekend choices manageable.


Taylor loves water! She says she drinks “like 10 water bottles a day” and keeps loads of water in her dressing room. (10 water bottles per day comes to 169 ounces or one and one third gallons).

In this regard, please see my recent post on hydration for fitness.

Taylor likes vitamin gummy bears, L-theanine (for stress and anxiety) and magnesium (for muscle health and energy). The magnesium also promotes healthy serotonin production and helps us sleep better.


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Nordic Track treadmill. This is the treadmill that I use, though I don’t know what brand Taylor uses. I use my Nordic Track every morning.

Light dumbbells. Taylor uses light dumbbells for high reps. This set is typical.

L-theanine softgels.

Magnesium supplements

Multivitamin gummies for women


Taylor Swift is now a billionaire, but she has been a decent, generous woman for many years. She supports friends, cancer patients, sexual assault victims, disaster relief organizations and food banks along her Eras tour.

She also gave a total of $55 million to her band members, dancers, light and sound technicians, caterers and others.

By the age of 10, Taylor was singing at local events. She sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game at age 11. She was writing her own songs and learning guitar at age 12.

Her success shows what can be done by someone who begins working her craft at a very early age and later makes wise and decent decisions.

Her physical fitness and shapely body did not come by happenstance.

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