As an affiliate marketer, I have associations with many product sources other than fitness equipment and the like. Among these are food delivery services.

Checking my associations and then researching opinions by non biased sources, I have found that I have much to offer in online food deliveries.

This will be a short post to show recommendations for healthy food delivery services, as well as for services for meat delivery.

First, healthy food deliveries:


BLUE APRON – a better way to cook, Blue Apron sends all the ingredients for inventive yet simple weeknight meals to customers weekly. Guaranteed fresh! People are getting back into the kitchen and enjoying cooking again.

EAT CLEAN – healthy meal delivery service. They shop, they cook and they deliver healthy organic meals.

EVERY PLATE – their mission is to deliver amazing meals at a price that everyone can get behind. Filling and familiar meals delivered with delicious recipes and fresh ingredients.

FACTOR – preparation and delivery of fresh (never frozen) nutritious meals to your door. Their team of executive chefs and dietitians combine nutrition science and culinary experience to design dishes that taste amazing and give your body and mind the nutrients needed to perform at their peak.

HELLO FRESH – their mission is to combine healthy eating with convenience and to introduce a more modern, relevant approach to meal planning and shopping.

SPLENDID SPOON – plans are designed to kick start healthy habits at breakfast and lunch, so you can reach your health goals. Each meal contains the freshest plant-based, gluten – free and GMO – free ingredients – and nothing else.

Next, meat deliveries:

CARNIVORE CLUB – the world’s first artisan meat of the month club exclusively for the discerning carnivores. Carnivore Club is the ultimate subscription box club for foodies who love enjoying dry cured meats.

CHICAGO STEAK COMPANY – specializing in hand-cut, mid west raised, USDA prime beef, the very best steaks money can buy. Chicago Steak Company raises, trims and ages each steak, using centuries-old techniques, then vacuum seals each one, locking in the flavor and freshness.

D’ARTAGNAN – their wide range of high quality meat, poultry, charcuterie, mushrooms, seafood and more has long been the first choice of top chefs, fine retailers and home cooks who crave connection to the source of their food.

FARM FOODS – the farm-fresh market wants buying food to be personal again, bringing back the authentic and original concept of nourishing, flavorful meals. From the farm, just like it once was.

GET MAINE LOBSTER – they create the modern culinary adventures that bring the allure of the ocean right to your door. They know that the freshest seafood deserves to be much more than a meat – it should be an experience.


Here are a few gourmet chef items available from Amazon. As an Amazon associate, I may use their links to show relevant products. I may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not affect pricing in any way. Each link will have descriptions and reviews, as well as similar options at different price points. As always, expect great service from Amazon!

Mediterranean food items

Peppercorn blend collection

Gourmet seasonings

Kitchen knife set

Olive oil and vinegar gift set


Just two thoughts ……..

Bon appetit!

And remember that February 14 is upcoming. Check out my recent post on Valentine’s Day!

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