They are both great! So is a combination of both. So is a pleasant walk around one’s neighborhood. I have worked out in weight rooms, YMCA’s, Nautilus sites and garages filled with barbells and dumbbells. My current preference is to exercise at home with my own equipment. This saves time, though I still have a YMCA membership. My trips to the YMCA entailed driving there, changing clothes at my locker, often waiting to gain access to a machine, enjoying a steam bath, socializing in the sauna, showering, changing clothes again and driving home. This took me 2-3 hours, though this was by choice. Why go there without fully using the facilities? My workout at home allows me to finish a substantial resistance and cardio workout within an hour, which includes the shower. I do an hour workout every day.


Then be sure to make an appointment with your primary care physician. Have a wellness physical. Discuss your plans with your doctor. Check your Body Mass Index. I would also highly recommend daily use of a blood pressure / pulse device. These are not expensive. I check this vital sign every morning without fail. It is very important to start slowly, meaning light weights or other forms of resistance. Avoid the soreness. Forget about “no pain, no gain”. Concentrate on correct form and slow movement. You will be amazed at the strength gains and muscle definition you will see in a short time. No need to rush. Finally, be sure to warm up adequately before you begin any physical exertion. Jog in place, twist your body, rotate your arms. Do light jumping jacks. Elevate your heart rate, but don’t burn out before you start.


It is important to enjoy your workout, as you realize that you will be pushing yourself. Do things that you enjoy. I would prefer running or lengthy walking, but my back doesn’t allow this. I get my cardio from my treadmill, wearing a back brace. This is boring, but I listen to music to create inspiration –  from Waylon Jennings to Andrea Bocelli.  We will get into specific exercises later, but pick those that you will not find unpleasant, which is not to say that you would be seeking a frivolous, self – indulgent time. Look forward to hard work with inevitable results that you will appreciate.



  1. Hi Richard,
    Great blog but unless I am reading it wrong it needs a small correction. The last sentence under the heading STAY MOTIVATED, shouldn’t it read “ We will NOT get into specific exercises …… ?
    Anyways, I pretty much feels the same way as you do regarding exercise. It ALL counts and at OUR age (mine 68), avoiding injury often caused by over-exertion. Feeling and listening to our muscles as we workout is key …. when one starts to feel the burn, as opposed to reaching a certain number of reps, it is time to stop.
    I TOO use the treadmill for cardio at the YMCA … just sayin’ hehe
    Anyways keep on rockin’

    • Mike, I will be specific about exercises. Very much so. I should have used the word “later” after my general comment about choosing exercises. Thanks. If it is possible to edit published blogs, I will do so. (I am a neophyte and a tech albatross).

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