This is a follow-up to my post of a few days ago, seen here. My intention was to provide information and inspiration to those who would be interested in home workouts while self- quarantined. This seems especially important now, since outside workout venues are generally not available and since many of us are seeking constructive ways to use this time.

Topics then covered included:

  • Bodyweight workout routines
  • Sources for exercise videos
  • Cardio options and their sources
  • Dumbbell movements and sources

It then occurred to me that I had not included several “modalities” that I use and that would be appropriate for those who want to work out at home now and later.

Let me quickly say that the above illustration does not show a movement that I could accomplish or speak to. But hopefully it was an attention – getter!

Here are the additional categories that I use and that would apply to anyone’s home workouts. To avoid boredom or workout “burnout”, it seems prudent to have a variety of options:

  • Resistance cords (or bands)
  • Power Press push-ups
  • Bullworker products

Barbells are also quite fundamental to workout programs, but my focus has been on smaller equipment that may be easily moved and stored at home.


These may provide a lower impact alternative to barbells or dumbbells. This is not to suggest a less effective means of exercise, since there are levels of tension that can challenge anyone. Most resistance cord sets offer a choice of low to high tensions.

Resistance cords have handles and may be anchored to a door or be stabilized by simply standing on the midpoint and raising or otherwise stretching one of the handles or both. Resistance bands have no handles and can be stretched by your hands or even wrapped around your legs. Be aware that all of these types are sometimes referred to collectively as “bands”.

I am currently using resistance cords exclusively for bodybuilding and rehab of a shoulder impingement. They have proven to give me a great “pump” over the years.

The illustration above shows the use of resistance cords to directly engage the pectoral muscles of the chest. She has anchored the cords to a door, which is very easily done. Here are a few other popular movements:

  • With the door anchor in place, face toward the door and pull the cords slowly to your sides. This will develop the latissimus dorsi muscles of your back. The farther from the door, the greater the tension.
  • Facing the door, you may bend over slightly and pull the cords away from your sides and past your back. Do this by straightening your arms from your elbows. This will engage the triceps muscles and is known as the triceps “kickback”.
  • You may stand on the midpoint of the cords and curl the weight with your hands, alternately as shown below, or both at the same time. This will develop the biceps muscles of the upper arms – or at least give your arms a “toned” appearance if muscularity is not your choice.

Resistance cords allow you to do any movement that is possible with dumbbells or other weights. You may choose your level of tension by the choices within the package you order. Here are a couple of options. Note the reasonable prices:


This unique workout board elevates the push-up to a more intense level, more toward a parallel bar dip. Color coded plug positions accommodate specific engagement of the body part we wish to work: chest, triceps, shoulders or back. We place the handles into the positions we choose. I have used this device for over a year and find it highly productive. Push -ups on the Power Press are more intense and not as easy as routine push-ups, but 10-12 reps give me a great “pump” – as if I had done heavy bench presses. My Power Press is shown below, as it sits on my living room floor.

This link will show access to this innovative product.


There is much to like about Bullworkers. I have used them for a couple of years and value them for these reasons:

  • They are quality products, built to last
  • They are compact and portable – great as a traveling “gym”
  • You have a complete workout system in a small space. The Steel Bow is only 20″ long.
  • Interchangeable springs give us a choice of resistance levels
  • Training manuals are included with the products
  • A Bullworker Facebook group is open to users – for information exchange and inspiration
  • Isometric exercises are made possible, exclusively or as an adjunct to isotonic movements

I use the Steel Bow and the Bow Classic. The Steel Bow was my first purchase and the Bow Classic was added to give me a greater range of motion for some of the movements. Either product provides a complete full body routine. The Steel Bow is shown below.

The Bow Classic is 36″ long and otherwise quite similar to the Steel Bow. It is shown below as used in an exercise called the “archer” – a movement to develop the back muscles.

Here is a link to the Bullworker website, showing all product information.


I need to say that Amazon delivery of products other than medical equipment may be slowed during this period of quarantine. This may affect the resistance cords and Power Press described above. But home delivery in general is certainly an asset in these times.

Bullworker items are straight from the distributor and readily available. There is a 5% discount on any product – use the coupon code “Hat5”.

Another excellent source for all fitness – related products is Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s is now offering substantial discounts and prompt delivery. Save Up To 50% On This Week’s Deals at Dick’s Sporting Goods

It seems important to me to be sure to avoid boredom or inertia when working out at home. I watch television or play music as I exercise. It is also beneficial to me to constantly change my routines by:

  • Using different movements for the same muscle group
  • Changing the number of sets or reps
  • Using different equipment for similar goals

Please help me out by suggesting topics that may interest you within the niche of home workouts. I should be able to either know about the topic or be able to research it to create blog articles. The place to offer these suggestions is below, at the “Comments” box. You can also email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and be safe!



  1. Hello, this is a very good post you have here. I went through the first part of this arti le and I can tell that that post really helped me even though I couldn’t try all the exercises you mentioned like the burpees. Boy are those hard. I feel like this ones are a little less complicated and I would enjoy trying it. For a topic suggestion, I see people who look like Johnny Bravo having all big ups and small downs. Is there a way to solve that?

    • Henderson, I was not familiar with Johnny. I Googled him and found that he has an enormous upper torso and small legs. We all have differing genetic predispositions, but we can do our best to balance our physiques. Johnny could spend more time on his quadriceps and calves and less time on his upper body, assuming he would like to do so. This is a good idea for a post and I will get started on it soon. Thanks for the suggestion…Richard

  2. This is almost the perfect period especially for people who have a mini gym at home to keep fit with their body rather than being at a regular post. This is great and thanks for sharing all these minor tweaks exercises that can prove to be the difference over the years and time. Thank you so much for sharing this. Personally, I found it useful and worthy.

  3. Hello Richard, it’s nice how one can keep up with his/her regular routine even while on self-isolation during this period. Working out, on the other hand, is one very by part of some people’s daily life and giving then ideas on how to go about exercising is really fun. It’s not the end of the world, and I hope many people make use if this article to get back to their life routine. 

  4. Yeah! Most of us are staying home and a bit worried these weeks without showing at the gym may break our commitment with exercising. But your post has helped me. I hadn’t thought in resistance cords but I know they are very effective and will implement them. 

    I’ll check out the discounts in sporting goods offered at Dick’s Sporting!

    Above all, thanks for the encouragement to continue exercising.

  5. Hello, Your guide is awesome on workout. While reading I know many new things. This workout board is unique. I am going to buy it and hope it will work perfectly for me.

  6. I truly need to initially value your exertion in assembling this incredible site and composing this article. Goodness, these are extremely extraordinary. I am so glad to have the option to take in these from your site since like a great many people on the world today, I need to remain in. However, one can’t remain in without taking any kind of action important with the time, so I figured I should utilize this opportunity to complete a few exercises and that is the thing that I’ve been looking. I need to stay in shape and I’m cheerful you have the perfect strides here to help. Much obliged to you! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with us.Good Luck!

  7. Your step by step guide is very helpful for me. I use the Steel Bow and the Bow Classic. Thanks for writing on it.

  8. Good article. There are so many ways to workout at home. So many ways to create a DIY gym. Resistance bands are a good idea and the push-up mat very interesting. I have done a lot of push-ups in my time and I know the different positions can be very difficult. At one point I could do 1 one-armed push-up. (that’s a lot of ones)

    I know you mentioned how deliveries may be slow, but I think you should have pointed out the benefit of home delivery. That is, people can stay quarantined.

    Keep up the good work(out).


  9. Thanks for the nice post about quarantined workouts. Today we are facing a lot of problems. Corona is one of them. In quarantine, it is hard to exercise. You have posted about quarantine workouts. You have shown us some product. I hope it is a best group of tool to workouts. I hope it will be helpful for them. Thanks again for the post. I will share it with friends.

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