My URL is MYWORKOUTATHOME.COM and my niche is just that, but I have often taken the liberty of writing blog articles on related subjects. These have included some of the following subjects:

  • Deep breathing and meditation
  • Addictive eating
  • Tightening saggy skin
  • Accountability behaviors
  • Motivation
  • Stretching benefits
  • Reducing belly fat
  • Workout apparel
  • Eating disorders
  • Food and exercise journals
  • Rotator cuff therapy
  • Sleep loss
  • Inversion therapy
  • Various product reviews

These topics have been on the periphery of home workouts per se, yet relate in what I have considered relevant ways.

Home workouts have been important to me for many years, and not only because they have gained recent popularity during a period of quarantine. But….our ongoing levels of partial or full isolation do indeed influence my choices of topics at times.

It occurred to me that home food delivery might be important to many of us. We can shop at grocery stores or pick up take – out food, even if restaurants may not be opening quite yet. We can also consider home deliveries. Not just pizza delivery, but some of the following:

  • Full meals
  • Chef – prepared meals
  • Healthy choices
  • Gourmet foods
  • Specific cuisines
  • Food for seniors
  • Gourmet wines

Home food deliveries are far more abundant than I would have imagined before researching the topic. Some of these represent specific restaurants and thereby help those restaurants bridge their current forced closure or limited capacity gaps. Others prepare their own selections.


  • GOBBLE – delivers boxes of single pan meals that require only 15 minutes to cook. Learn more
  • EVERY PLATE – reasonably priced boxes of fresh ingredients with simple recipes. Learn more
  • GRUBHUB – connects diners with local restaurants. Learn more
  • HOME BISTRO – freshly prepared meals, delivered frozen. Learn more
  • DOOR DASH – represents local restaurants in over 300 U.S. cities. Learn more
  • BLUE APRON – ingredients for weeknight meals. Inventive, yet simple recipes. Learn more


  • AUGASON FARMS– delivery of freeze-dried vegetables and meats. Learn more
  • BALANCE – chef – prepared a la carte meal deliveries. Learn more.
  • BISTRO M.D. – nutritional diet meal deliveries. Learn more. Learn more
  • BUTCHER BOX – deliveries of grass – fed beef, wild – caught salmon, etc. Learn more
  • CARNIVORE CLUB – boxed deliveries of unique meats. Learn more
  • CHEF V – chef – prepared cleansing and detox diet products. Learn more
  • DR. KELLYANN – healthy collagen, bone broth meal substitutes and recipes. Learn more
  • ELMHURST – plant – based milk and hemp products. Learn more
  • FOOD STIRS – DIY organic baking kits and mixes. Learn more
  • FRESH DIRECT – fresh from the farm grocery deliveries. Learn more
  • GRASSLAND BEEF – grass – fed beef and other meat deliveries. Learn more
  • HELLO FRESH – personalized healthy meal plan deliveries. Learn more
  • HOME CHEF – fresh chef – inspired home meal deliveries. Learn more
  • MAGIC KITCHEN – full menu of chef – prepared and gourmet meal deliveries. Learn more
  • MIRACLE NOODLE – shirataki noodles and rice for weight loss. Learn more
  • LONGEVITY – ultra fresh plant – based meal kit deliveries. Learn more
  • PERDUE FARMS – organic chicken and turkey, plus beef, pork, lamb deliveries. Learn more
  • PERSONAL TRAINER FOOD – personalized weight loss meal deliveries. Learn more
  • RASTELLI’S – blast – frozen, vacuum – sealed meat deliveries. Learn more
  • SEABEAR SMOKEHOUSE – gourmet smoked salmon deliveries. Learn more
  • SILVER CUISINE – nutritional home – delivered meals, especially for seniors. Learn more
  • YUMI U.S. – fresh, organic, nutrient – dense baby food deliveries. Learn more


  • CAFE BRITT – a premier coffee roaster. Also, gourmet chocolates and tropical nuts. Learn more
  • CAFE JOE U.S.A. – wide selection of small batch roasted gourmet coffees. From Israel. Learn more
  • CAMANO ISLAND COFFEE ROASTERS – USDA certified, organic, shade grown coffee. Learn more
  • COOPER COFFEE COMPANY – barrel – aged, small batch roasted coffee. Learn more
  • HAWAII COFFEE COMPANY– Kona coffee deliveries. Learn more
  • HUMBLEMAKER COFFEE – fresh roasted, organic cold brews. Learn more
  • KEURIG – premium coffees and brewers. Learn more
  • KIMERA KOFFEE – artisan organic coffee from the Dominican Republic. Learn more
  • KITU SUPER COFFEE – naturally sweetened, high protein, low calorie coffee. Learn more
  • VOLCANICA COFFEE – over 120 exotic gourmet coffees. Learn more


  • ADAGIO TEAS – farm fresh, artisan tea varieties and accessories. Learn more
  • HAPPY TEAS – CBD infused teas. Learn more
  • I.E. GREEN TEA – liquid condensed green tea with high antioxidants. Learn more
  • KOU TEA – healthy and powerful teas for weight loss. Learn more
  • NEW AGE BEVERAGES – all natural, cold green and black teas. Learn more
  • MIGHTY LEAF TEA – classic black to white teas. Learn more
  • TEA DROPS – flavorful blends of organic teas. Learn more
  • TOTAL TEAS – healthy energy and detox teas. Learn more


  • BERINGER – barrel – aged fine wines. Learn more
  • MARTHA STEWART WINE COMPANY – wine collections curated by Martha Stewart. Learn more
  • NAKED WINES – from winemakers all over the world. Learn more
  • THE WINE SPIES – daily discounts of high quality wines until they are sold out. Learn more
  • INTERNATIONAL WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB – extraordinary and hard – to find wines. Learn more
  • WINC – over 100 curated wines. Learn more
  • WINE AWESOMENESS – customizable wine choices. Learn more
  • WINE INSIDERS – impeccable wine selections. Learn more
  • WINE LIBRARY – over 2000 selections from all over the world. Learn more
  • WINEBASKET.COM – gift baskets with red and white wines, champagne, etc. Learn more


I have enjoyed compiling this home delivery guide and was pleasantly surprised by all the available options. Note the many items that are in the health food category. Maybe wines will not be considered health foods, but even that could be debatable.

Please use this as a directory and try out some of the choices.

Leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and stay safe!



  1. This is an interesting post and one that I truly value and it interests me a lot to read on. Getting to know about home delivery services and couriers and vendors like this that can help in getting healthy foods and all essentials to us is massive and commendable. Thanks for sharing this post out here.

    i feel like sharing this information with all my friends too

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