This includes paraphrasing of an article by healthline.com.

The word “protein” is of Greek derivation. “Proteos” is Greek for “primary”. Proteins are long chains of amino acids, doing work at the cellular level.

Bodily functions of protein include the following:

  • Growth and maintenance of our tissues
  • Creation of enzymes for biochemical reactions, such as digestion, blood clotting and muscle contraction
  • Acting as hormones to stimulate the growth of tissues such as bones
  • Providing structure to our cells and tissues, rigidity or elasticity
  • Maintaining correct pH by regulating acids and bases
  • Balancing fluids in our bodies, to prevent swelling or edema
  • Fighting infection and bolstering immunity
  • Transporting and storing nutrients
  • Providing energy


I watch my calorie consumption carefully, but often wonder about the nutritional value of those calories. For this reason, I take vitamins and try to seek additional sources of protein.

It seems a nice insurance policy to use healthy supplements to cover what may be missing gaps in my diet.

I had tried protein bars from grocery stores and concluded that they were tasty and satisfying, but wondered how such sugary options could be in the best interest of my health.

I wanted to try out a protein source that would include dark chocolate, less sugar, more protein and yet still be tasty. A good source of whey protein would work well.


I saw an advertisement for Built Bars and was immediately attracted. They are not available at food stores. I was also seeking the following:

  • A healthy snack for occasional hunger between meals
  • A dessert that would not pack on pounds
  • Reasonable prices
  • Friendly service

I decided to request a shipment of Built Bars and began selecting different flavors. The pricing was more than reasonable and I could see that this was a health bar and not just a candy bar.

One initial concern was the possibility of melting during the shipment. I was happy to see that they came within an insulated box and I also found out later that they need not be refrigerated for 21 days, though refrigeration was recommended.

They arrived during a period of hot weather and I knew when to expect delivery. I received lots of tracking information and knew when they were “out for delivery” in my home town.

When they came, I immediately took out one to eat. This was a mistake. They had not really melted, but the taste seemed a bit antiseptic. I then refrigerated them for a couple of hours and tried another one. Big difference. The refrigeration brought out the flavor and they were delicious. Not sugary, but very tasty and satisfying. The protein content forestalled any hunger for several hours. I was quite happy with Built Bars.

The protein was 30%, or 15 grams. There were 6 grams of fiber. Calories were 110 per bar generally, but 170 for some bars. Ingredients included whey protein isolate, dark chocolate and nothing objectionable.

I was impressed by 15 protein grams only coming to 110 calories.


At this point, Built Bars is creating new flavors and has sold out the group that included those I purchased. The new bars have 17 grams of protein and 130 calories from what I can tell. They are offering very nice incentives again.

Click on this link for updated information.

Built Bars is very service oriented. I began with a nice discount and my order included further discounts for future orders, as well. I received lots of communication from the company and felt appreciated as a customer!


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