I have used all the Goli gummies and chocolate bites. They are all tasty and nutritious. Quire honestly, the chocolate bites were so tasty that I finished an entire bottle in 3 days. That’s 60 bites. Don’t do this!

It seems to me that gummies in general do a better job than pills. The healing benefits seem to get into my blood stream faster. I don’t chew the gummies, since this would cause them to stick to my teeth. I let them melt in my mouth and gently suck on them.

The most obvious impact that I have experienced came from the Goli Superfruits. I generally develop a cold during the colder months. This year was no exception. Pills and drug store remedies helped a little, but my most noticeable benefit was from the Goli Superfruits. I found that 4-6 per day did wonders for my immune system.

Each serving of the Superfruit gummies contains more:

  • Vitamin A than 14 pink grapefruits
  • Vitamin C than 6.5 kiwifruits
  • Vitamin E than 4.8 avocados
  • Zinc than 11 pomegranates

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