I have found that resistance band full body exercises can keep me in good shape without a lot of complications or fear of injury. Resistance bands are generally low impact workout tools, thus applicable to beginners or seniors.

But they can be challenging and productive for anyone.

Resistance bands provide constant tension throughout an exercise rep. There is no lapse of tension as we finish an exercise movement, nothing like a sudden drop of a barbell. Our muscles are being worked during the whole range of motion.

I prefer the resistance bands with handles and a door anchor. My favorite exercise is the standing row, with the bands anchored to a door as I pull each handle to my sides. See image below. This is for the back (latissimus dorsi) muscles.

I also like to face away from the door and bring the handles to my chest, for the pectoral muscles. For my arms, I can stand on the midpoint of the bands and curl the handles upward (for my biceps) or do a triceps extension from behind my neck. There are hundreds of movements to do. We only need to choose the ones we like or need the most.

Resistance bands are easy to manage, easy to put aside when we finish our workout. They are very reasonably priced and I will show a good option in the next paragraph.

In a previous post, I described types of bands other than the ones with handles.

Here are pictures and descriptions of 30 different kinds of resistance band exercises to do at home.


I am an Amazon affiliate, which means that I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Also, I can recommend the best choices available through my workout experience and familiarity with Amazon.

The set below is the most sophisticated that I have found, with door anchor, ankle straps, resistance from 10 lbs. to 150 lbs, and plenty of information within a workout guide. The bands are of excellent quality. Along with product information, you will find several other options at different prices and component parts.

On items like this, I would always recommend the best quality available, especially since the prices are not burdensome in any event. The above set will allow for a long progression from light to heavier forms of resistance.


First of all, here is an upper body resistance band workout being done by a husky man. Resistance bands can be low impact or they may challenge anybody.

And, on the opposite end, a video from Amazon for beginners

Low impact, for beginners – 6 DVDs“>


Bullworker is known for high quality products. The Iso-Flow is not technically a resistance band, but is similar. It is pictured below. There are upgrades in quality and versatility over many resistance bands.

Here is an Iso-Flow instructional video (at the Golden Gate bridge).

The Bullworker website shows full information on the Iso-Flow and other Bullworker products.


This was not intended to be a wordy post. For resistance bands, I thought it would be more interesting to show videos, especially since my prior post had introduced this form of exercise already.

Be aware that there are bands that are not as sturdy as the ones I am showing and recommending.

I can report that I have had both muscle gains and maintenance with resistance bands. I have never had a mishap or a disappointment in their use. They “work for me! ”

We can start with low pounds of tension and then gradually increase the load to promote more growth. The tension does not go away as we move through the concentric movement (raising, for example) to the eccentric (lowering) part.

It is difficult for me to think of a more appropriate form of exercise equipment than resistance bands, if we are looking for simplicity, convenience and reasonable pricing.

For those who do heavier workouts at gyms, I would recommend a set of resistance bands (or the Iso-Flow) for use at home. For seniors, resistance bands are perfect for home workouts.

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  1. Is there any other workout item to help with cardio?

    Would you recommend for beginners to go to a gym or work out at home since its easier?

    I wanted to lose weight for a while now and I can now start because of this awesome helpful guide I came across. At-home workouts may be better since you are by yourself trying to change yourself and better yourself to have a better physique. These are great body workouts that really target your muscles and lose that fat.

    What a great tool to use for a home workout. Bullworker seems like it really uses its workout to burn the stomach, legs, and arms. I am with it to try this item and give it a go because I really want to start losing weight and see a change within myself. 

    I’m definitely going to bookmark this site because it gave out a good recommendation and also what the workout is like. Thank you for giving us the option of showing us a video or reading about the workouts.

    • Thanks, Caleb! About cardio – I use a treadmill or go outside for a walk. When I was younger, I would run outside. But there is also a good cardiovascular effect by doing bodybuilding exercises faster and with less rest time. Exercising at home or going to a gym? Both are effective. The important thing is to be consistent with your workouts. I have done both for many years. Now I prefer doing my workouts in the morning before breakfast. Expense can also be a factor to consider when choosing a workout venue and resistance bands are very affordable. Thanks for your input!

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