Father’s Day is an annual holiday, honoring fathers and celebrating the paternal bonds of fatherhood, as well as the influence of fathers in our society. The United States was the first country to adopt the holiday. It is now celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

The first Father’s Day was begun in the state of Washington on June 9, 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran and single parent who had raised six children by himself in Spokane.

The first celebration was at the Spokane YMCA. After hearing a sermon about Anna Jarvis’s Mother’s Day, Ms. Dodd felt that fathers should be honored in a similar way. See my prior post on Mother’s Day.

The Father’s Day event did not get off to a strong start. It faded into obscurity as Ms. Dodd stopped promoting it when she left Spokane to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was not until the 1930s that Ms. Dodd retuned to Spokane and began to try to enliven the holiday. There had been no national proclamation in the meantime. There were attempts by Presidents Wilson and Coolidge to establish the holiday, but Congress did not approve in either case.

As Ms. Dodd renewed her promotion of Father’s Day, she found allies in commercial businesses – menswear retailers and others – who wanted to replicate the success of Mother’s Day.

Still, there was no real progress until 1957, when Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a proposal to Congress accusing them of ignoring fathers for 40 years, while honoring mothers. But Congress moves slowly. It wasn’t until 1966 that the holiday was nationally proclaimed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. But, it was only made a permanent national law by President Richard Nixon on April 24, 1972.


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I don’t know why the Father’s Day took so long to become a nationally recognized day. It seems ironic that two women – Sonora Smart Dodd and Margaret Chase Smith – were the strongest proponents. But I enjoy history, whether or not it makes sense.

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Let’s honor our fathers!


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