I often speak of workout products that I have used or have seen being used. But my most credible reviews are based on items that I own and use daily or several times each week.

Bullworker Fitness products are primarily useful in home gyms or as a workout option when traveling. They are unique in that both isotonic and isometric modes are incorporated within the same exercise tool. Bullworkers may be used as we take trips to camp out or even when we go to the beach. They are quite portable, yet they provide challenging resistance for anyone.

The definitions:

  • Isotonic exercise – this is when muscles are activated by moving the joints and applying a constant amount of weight
  • Isometric exercise – muscles are activated without any movement. A plank is a good example.

I use the Steel Bow and the Bow Classic, which will be described later. My practice is to perform a given number of (isotonic) reps with either tool, followed by a lengthy isometric hold. Some do the holds first and the reps afterward. Some may do only the reps or only the holds.

For me, the isometric holds represent a strength – building conclusion to a set of reps, not unlike the negative finishes we often use with barbells or dumbbells. Challenging weight resistance throughout the reps and a hold that may make us tremble combine to give us a full and productive muscle workout.

Bullworkers were developed in their current form in 1962. They are comprised of spring-loaded cylinders and hand grips. Strong resistance is generated by compressing the cylinders together or expanding the cables that connect to the hand grips.

The cylinders are loaded with the springs we select, which depend upon our strength levels at any time. As with weights or resistance bands, we can select the appropriate level of resistance. This can be changed as easily as changing barbell or dumbbell plates.


Is shown below and is only 20″ in length and weighs 2.5 pounds. It is considered the “dumbbell” in the Bullworker line. I use it primarily for the chest compression exercise. We can thoroughly work our chest muscles (pectorals) by squeezing together the hand grips slowly and with an isometric hold after the reps.

I have used the light spring for up to 50 reps and the middle one for 10-12 reps.

We can also do back and arm movements with the Steel Bow. It is the best choice for traveling and I have taken it on trips often.


Is shown below and is 36″ in length, while weighing only 3 pounds. It is considered the “barbell” of the Bullworker line, giving us the possibility of many upper body and leg exercises.

I like to use the Bow Classic especially for back exercises, but have also used it for biceps, triceps and leg movements.

The Bow Classic is shown below.

Here is a good explanation of the differences between the Bullworker Steel Bow and the Bow Classic,


I am a Bullworker affiliate and can provide a 5% discount for any purchases made. Also, there is a 90-day guarantee and a 5-year warranty on Bullworker products.

HERE is the link to the Bullworker website. Note that there are several available products other than the Steel Bow and Bow Classic. “Hat 5” is my discount code for 5 % off.

I can confidently say that Bullworker products are of high quality and will last for many years. Also, they work to build strength for anyone.

Here are some extras that come with each shipment:

  • A variety of springs to give us resistance choices
  • Handbooks to provide exercise descriptions, workout plans, pictures and general knowledge
  • A carrying case
  • Free admittance to a Facebook Bullworker group, where we can share experiences, ask questions, provide insights and otherwise communicate with other Bullworker users

There is a real community of Bullworker users. This keeps us motivated!

Please leave me any questions or comments in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and stay motivated!


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