I was well into my retirement years and wanted to supplement my social security income. Who wants to spend their senior years worrying about money?

Friends and acquaintances had often suggested that I write blogs. I didn’t even know what a blog was until I discovered that blogs were shortened forms of weblogs. A website needed to be created and a running list of weblogs (blogs) would hopefully add interest to the website.

The idea appealed to me since I had always enjoyed writing. It was my favorite form of self-expression. But how could this be developed into a profitable enterprise? I was not technically astute, nor did I even know how to type with any speed. I had no idea how to begin a website with blogs.

Still, the idea intrigued me more and more. I only needed ways and means.

Another aspect of my background was a lifelong interest in sports and fitness. Could I somehow incorporate this experience in a profitable and meaningful manner?


About a year and a half ago, I ran across a reference to a Canadian company, Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to join for free and see if I liked what they had to offer. I found that they provided:

  • Easily understood training on how to create a website
  • Choices of themes for a site
  • Constant training on all aspects of affiliate marketing
  • Training on social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Affiliate suggestions
  • Training on plug – ins for the sites
  • Assistance with establishing a domain name
  • Capability of hosting up to 25 websites per member (though that has since been reduced to 10)
  • Training on how to select keywords
  • Answers to questions, no matter how naive

The above list is not even 10% of what the program entails.

I built my website quickly and began to write blog articles. I learned the importance of appealing to Google, Yahoo and Bing. I connected with these social media:

  • Facebook (business page)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

I began to make connections with pertinent affiliate companies. They pay me for bringing them business as I provide relevant links to their supplies and equipment. These are like “finder’s fees” and do not add anything to the sales price at all. Generally, it costs much less to pay me a commission than to pay a salesperson on site. Actually, I am very often able to offer discounts on goods, since I have immediate knowledge of these sale items and can pass them on quickly. If someone uses my link to enter the affiliate site for a specific reason and decides on another item, I receive credit for the item selected. Click on the link below for full information on the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.

For information on the Wealthy Affiliate program


It fascinated me to know that I was writing to a potential audience of 4 billion readers / customers. A dose of reality was that there seemed to be about that many competing for their attention. (Not really, but so it seemed).

I decided on a niche of home workouts. This was consistent with my lifelong interest and was an easy choice. I was able to find and claim ownership of an available domain name – myworkoutathome.com, formally https://www.myworkoutathome.com.

Now I am finding that a worldwide situation of self – quarantine has created an unexpected increase of traffic to my site. I would rather live without the social distancing and the general isolation of the necessary mitigation, as we all would. But I can’t complain about an increase in traffic to my site.


Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the above link or by the link in my upper menu, “BECOME AN AFFILIATE MARKETER”.

My training has just begun and I have much to learn and more sites to build. In the meantime, it has been fun to write blog articles on home workouts. After about 100 articles, I find myself often struggling to come up with new ideas for topics, but it is usually a short struggle.

The image below will show a concise list of the more important benefits of a Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Please leave any comments or questions in the “Comments” box below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and be alert!


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