Yes, barbells, dumbbells and treadmills are well known workout implements. The goal of this post is to point out other items that may present different challenges or may increase the enjoyment of our workouts. I am conflating enjoyment with effectiveness.

Periodic changes of our workout methods or equipment will help reduce the possibility of burn – out or boredom.

This is directed to those who go to gyms as well as to those who work out at home. Both groups may benefit from home equipment or related options.

Amazon is one of my affiliations and also a personal source for many of my sporting goods items, Kindle books or household products. I can often order from Amazon and experience better choices, more inventory and even quicker delivery than with local stores.

As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. Also, the links often provide better pricing than otherwise available.

Please note – the links will take you to a specific item, but there is also information on similar items that may have different price points or usages.


  • Portable Home gym – this is a very complete collection of several types of resistance training items, including a workout manual. This is ideal for someone new to working out or even an experienced trainer who wants a home option. Take a look. Learn more here and see the home gym below:
  • Resistance bands – I have used these for many years. We can get a full workout by easily attaching the bands to a door or stepping on the midpoint for curls or presses. Note the very reasonable prices for these. Any workout movement may be accomplished and a handbook is included. These are also great for newcomers! Less impact than with dumbbells or barbells. Click the link and see the illustration below.
  • Booty bands – these are primarily for women and ideal for the glutes and legs. 4 sets and a training guide are included – and the price is quite reasonable! Learn more here and see the booty bands below.
  • Crunch device – I use this to protect my neck and back as I do abdominal exercises on my floor. It provides the comfort I need for longer repetitions, up to 100. Also, the device may be turned over so as to give us the option for dips or push-ups. Click here and see the image below.

  • Push-up board – I have used this tool for several years. It adds much to the basic push-up – a selection of the body part being stressed (chest, triceps, shoulders or back). It also increases the effectiveness of push-ups since the handles elevate the movement. It is generally not for beginners, though newcomers may push up with knees touching the surface. Check out the link and see the illustration below.
  • Pull-up bar handles – these will give us the option for stressing the back and biceps by standard pull-ups at home. There are several options available, but the one pictured below seems the best to me. Check it out and see it below.
  • Teeter inversion table – I used my inversion table initially to relieve sciatic back pain. Also, the feeling of stretching out upside down was exhilarating. Now I use it for lesser elevation, to direct blood flow away from my legs and feet to my head. The Teeter brand was recommended to me by a chiropractor. Learn more here. See it below.


This will be a listing of several other exercise-related items that I have used to improve my workout experience.

  • Foam roller – this is great for self massage of the back and legs. Click here and see it below
  • Massage gun – this is for deep tissue percussion. Great after a workout! Learn more here, see it below.
  • TENS unit – this device was used in my physical therapy sessions. Also, I purchased one to be used at home. It is a muscle stimulator and excellent pain reliever, TENS is for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation”. Click here and see it below.
  • Exercise mat – this is a non-slip indoor yoga mat for women or men. Learn more here. See below.
  • Fitness journal – this will provide a way to keep up with your workouts and nutrition. Great for maintaining motivation and accountability. Check the link and see below.
  • Whey protein powder – used by Arnold Schwarzenegger and recommended for muscle growth by most athletes or bodybuilders. Click here and see below.


There are many more workout accessories on the market, but I have listed some that I use or with which I have familiarity. It certainly helps to make our workouts less painful and more productive in any way we can. The experience really can be quite pleasant.

It’s not all about barbells and dumbbells!

Please let me know what accessories you use and the benefits you have found.

Leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richard@myworkoutathome.com.

Be well and stay motivated!


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