She is more than a pretty face, though certainly that. Gretchen Rubin is an author, blogger and public speaker from Kansas City, Missouri. She has undergraduate and law degrees from Yale University.

I “discovered” her a few days ago, within a Facebook post about happiness. What a concept!

In her own words: “Hi, I’m Gretchen Rubin, a writer who relentlessly explores human nature to understand how we can make our lives better. I believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for becoming happier, healthier, more productive or more creative; when we know ourselves and what works for us, we can change our habits and our lives”.

I could strongly relate to finding what “works for us”, as it may at times be in opposition to what works for others or to generalities.

Gretchen writes with elegant simplicity, as did Ernest Hemingway. Her prose is “relatable”, bright and humorous.

“The Happiness Project”, a New York Times bestseller, is Gretchen’s year long journey to find what leads to true contentment, things that “really matter”. She considered the wisdom of the ages, scientific research and current culture in determining how to achieve happiness.

Her findings included::

  • That novel challenges can be strong sources of happiness
  • That money (well spent) can produce happiness
  • That outer order produces inner calm
  • That even small changes can create the foundation for more happiness

See The Happiness Project, 10th Anniversary Edition, Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle and Generally Have More Fun – a paperback from Amazon. Also see options for Kindle, Audio CD and Hardcover.

“The Four Tendencies”, another New York Time Bestseller, cites Gretchen’s understanding of how we differ in our responses to expectations. We may be one of the following:

  • Upholders
  • Questioners
  • Rebels
  • Obligers

Take the quiz to determine your tendency

See the Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better. Also from Amazon.

Other books by Gretchen Rubin include the following:


It does indeed, but I wouldn’t apologize if it had no direct application. She consistently speaks of contentment, habit formation and improving our health – sufficient reasons for indirectly stating a case for relevance.

But she directly addresses fitness workouts, as she provides 12 tips to promote regular exercise. Here they are:

  1. Always exercise on Monday – set the pattern for the week
  2. If at all possible, exercise first thing in the morning – check this off your list, begin the day positively
  3. Never skip exercising for 2 days in a row – maintain the momentum
  4. Give yourself credit for the smallest effort do 10 minutes and you will likely keep going
  5. Think about context – Gretchen thought that she disliked weight training, but she really disliked guys who hung out in gyms
  6. Exercise several times a week – once or twice a month isn’t enough
  7. No time for shower after exercise? – find a format that doesn’t make you sweat. They do exist.
  8. Look for affordable ways to make exercising more pleasant or satisfying – purchase a pedometer or home workout equipment. Prioritize fitness.
  9. Think of exercise as part of your essential preparation when you want to be sharp mentally or to look good – release the endorphins
  10. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good – take a brief walk, even if you may not enter marathons
  11. Suit up – you are then less likely to find excuses for skipping workouts
  12. Don’t kid yourself – saying that you don’t “have time” to exercise doesn’t make it true

Click on this link for Gretchen’s brief video on being happy during a quarantine:


I have found Gretchen Rubin quite inspiring and the word “relatable” looms large. She seems to me to be a purveyor of lots of important common sense advice. She has brought to fruition latent thoughts that I have had on several subjects.

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  1. Really interesting article.  I  enjoyed the quiz and think it does a pretty good job of describing my “tendencies.”  I have to admit – I HATE to exercise.  I don’t know why I am so resistant to it because I love working my muscles with hard physical work. Or getting in shape gardening. But tell me to lift weights, stretch or run, and I will find a way NOT to do it. Yea, an excuse. I liked the hints, though, about exercising. Like doing it first thing in the morning or it won’t get done. Yep, that is me. I will find an excuse.  And don’t skip for more than two days. Or, yep, I won’t start up again.  I keep telling myself I want to exercise, but I resist resist resist.  Anyway, I am going to continue looking up her information and look at some of the books because it seems like she has quite a bit of wisdom to share.  In the meantime, I am heading out to the garden to hoe the weeds.  Take care and thanks for sharing info about Gretchen!!!!  We all need uplifting during the pandemic.

    • Great input, Janice. It seems that you like Gretchen as much as I do. Maybe you are keeping in good shape by working in your garden – makes sense to me…Richard

  2. Hello there! This is awesome. While reading through, I was wondering how long it would have taken Gretchen Rubin to have come out with these great findings. She is a genius!

    Moreover, it’s absolutely true what she said about purchasing workout equipment so as to prioritize fitness. Immediately I bought my pedometer, it helped me so well. 


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