Will be those people who like to exercise at home – mostly, occasionally or exclusively. More specifically, these are people who do not want large, clunky machines or other devices that turn their homes into gyms. They are seeking products that will yield significant results, given dedicated and consistent use. But they want to be able to later place these devices in a corner, under a bed or in a closet. Practicality and convenience are important here.

They are seeking quality, not cheapness. Value. They don’t want to invest in an expensive product that could later turn into a place to be used as a coat hanger.

Some of these people may be taking the first steps on their fitness journey, tentative and cautious steps. Still another reason to buy judiciously.

Time is also a consideration. Not that some people “don’t have the time”. (I have a personal aversion to this complaint). We all have the same 24 hours per day. It becomes an issue of how we allocate our minutes and hours. My recommendations involve workouts that may be completed in minutes or elongated to fit different needs or preferences.

My purpose is to pass along information on products that would interest me now or if I were a beginner. One item is a device that I am currently using every other day. The others are suggestions that make sense to me.


This versatile product gives us 8 exercises for muscle – toning. Descriptive information tells us that “the tension – assisted rebound system provides resistance and support in both directions, maximizing results and minimizing strain”.

Here is a video that demonstrates the use of the Core Max.

The Core Max is available at Amazon. See details. A nutritional guide, workout DVD and workout chart are included at no charge. Possible add – ons include a set of resistance bands and a monitor.


These hand weights are obviously not for iconic “macho” weight lifters. But they can certainly be effective for women, young beginners of either gender or the elderly.

This is a 32 pound set, with a very convenient stand. The dumbbells are made of cast iron and are coated with neoprene material. The hexagonal shape prevents rolling of the dumbbells.

Remember: dumbbells are for targeting specific muscles or muscle groups, whether to build strength or to rehabilitate an injury.

Here is a 15 minute video showing use of similar dumbbells (for women). Take a look.

Get them from Amazon at a very reasonable price. Shown here.


This is a very challenging and productive home device for efficient push – ups. I use this 3 times per week and have had excellent results. This picture was made in my living room.

Please check my post of June 24, “Best Push – up Routines”, for lengthy information on the Power Press. See my calendar or scroll down my roll of posts.

This is not an easy exercise system, but one that will give you a terrific “pump”. Take a look at this video.

Get the Power Press from Amazon. Here are the details.

In my opinion, the Power Press is one of the best home fitness items available anywhere. But tough!


I must confess: I have never used a zumba DVD system for exercise. But quite a few people, generally women, have told me that they respond favorably to instructional material from their television screens.

My experience has been with golf videos. Butch Harmon and a few others have given me great assistance and my money has been well spent on DVDs.

This package includes 5 DVDs of dance moves, a weekly workout planner, healthy recipes and even a zumba wrap to place over your training shoes so that you may move, slide and pivot more easily.

I found a Zumba video, not related to this product, but indicative of this dance form. Here it is. Wow! This is certainly something to look into. “Dance yourself fit”.

Take a look at the details, especially the price. Amazon again.


I have enjoyed researching and presenting these products. Each is powerful, yet quite reasonable in price. All are especially geared to home exercise. There are no space issues, since all the items are somewhat small in size. They will not clutter up your home. Please note that all four can be utilized by beginners, even the Power Press (which works well even if you start with push – ups with knees on the floor).

Please let me know if you would like more home fitness product suggestions or reviews. There are thousands out there.

See “Comments” box for questions or comments. Thanks for reading and viewing. E-mail me – richard@myworkoutathome.com. Be well!


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