Our largest muscle is, of course, the gluteus maximus. This muscle not only moves the thighs; it gives shape to the buttocks.

The hips are generally the widest part of a woman’s frame, whereas the shoulders are most often the widest part on men.

I am not sure that men even do specific glute training, though I know from experience that many women do. My only such training has been from squats and leg presses, though many years of running up and down basketball courts or playing tennis may have helped.

At one point, I found myself in a fitness class being conducted by a young lady. She had me doing several floor exercises that raised my legs backward and in other directions that were new to me. The females in the class seemed to be quite familiar with all of the movements. It was a learning process for me.

Very Well Health tells us that the gluteus maximus muscle is the largest gluteal muscle in the buttocks and that the gluteus medias and gluteus minimis muscles also comprise the glutes, which support our hips.

The gluteus maximus extends and rotates the hip joint, in addition to stabilizing and moving it away and toward our body. It provides balance when we walk and is engaged more fully with more vigorous activity such as running, hiking or climbing.


The glute muscles represent the powerhouse of our lower bodies. They allow us to walk, squat, dance and pivot. They make us move and, without a range of motion through our joints, we would not be able to move as we would like. They must be kept limber and supple. If they are tight, they will restrict hip movement and force our lower back to take up the slack. This is inviting problems.

Here are a couple of stretches:

And –

Here is a link to 10 more stretches, by Women’s Health. These are images in motion, with explanations of each.


I believe it is fair to say that Jennifer Lopez has become an icon of the glutes, or booty. Her trainer, David Kirsch, has created a workout specifically for her. Jennifer’s dance routines work her “booty” effectively, but the routine below completes her involvement in such a way that she has become legendary.

It is 30 minutes long and really works the glutes, which is an understatement. Jennifer is not shown in this video. The video shows two ladies, one a veteran and the other a relative newcomer to training. This is helpful, since the same workout is shown with two separate levels of experience simultaneously.

Here is JLo’s workout.

Here are a few well-established glute exercises:

  • Conventional deadlift – reach down and grasp the weight or weights with a secure grip. Push “through the floor” with your quadriceps and drive your hips forward as you get to the top, then control the weight as you lower it.
  • Back squat – take the barbell off the squat rack and place it on your trapezius. With chest forward, squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor and come up by pushing your feet “through the floor”.
  • Sumo deadlift – place your feet outside hip width as you otherwise do the deadlift in a conventional manner
  • Walking lunge – starting with feet together, step forward with one foot 18-24 inches, as your back knee drops to the floor. Drive “through the floor” with your front foot to a standing position. Repeat with the other foot stepping forward.
  • Lateral lunge – step to the side with one foot, instead of stepping forward. The other knee bends to the floor. Then repeat with the opposite foot leading.
  • Side lying clams – lie on your left side, with your head supported by your left arm. Bend your hips to 45 degrees, your knees to 90 degrees, both hips and knees stacked together. Raise your upper leg, while keeping feet together, then return. Do several reps, then change to the other side.
  • Standing leg circles – balance yourself on your left leg, with right leg off the floor and straight. Perform small circles with your right leg, clockwise and counter clockwise. After several circles, switch legs.


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So..your largest muscle is the one you may be sitting on as you read this. I wonder how many thought it might be the latissimus dorsi or quadriceps. Probably not so many, since this is not a recent or controversial piece of information.

From what I can tell, women are still leading men in using and promoting glute training. This is evident in the applicable videos for sale and was also quite apparent within the coed workout facilities I once visited.

A firm and shapely “booty” is certainly a worthwhile goal for all of us.

Please leave me any comments or questions in the “Comments” section below. Or email me, richardatmyworkoutathome.com.

Be well and get your injections!



  1. Thank you for this post.  I appreciate the free exercise video and the equipment that’s needed is reasonably priced. It’s also nice to see that one of the women in the video is a newbie so we can see the different ways to make this routine work.  That’s important to me as this will be the first exercise routine I’ve attempted in quite some time!  Thank you for posting.

    • Hi Cynthia! I appreciate your comments and it’s nice to see that this routine meets your needs. I would hate to have to replicate what Jennifer Lopez does in a routine, so I agree that the video does us a favor in showing two levels of application. We all can’t jump into something designed for Jennifer. Even with the “newbie” lady in the video, you may want to start out with only part of the routine at first. Good luck!

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