But I believe it is an important one. Kegel exercises are beneficial for health of the bladder, bowels, sexual function and prostate. The reasons that this will be short are:

  • The subject matter is more appropriate for a urologist to discuss. I am only giving the opinions of others and, actually, I am just learning about Kegels.
  • I am not always comfortable with the discussion of matters so private, especially as a layman

Since I have only recently been aware of Kegels, I thought many others may also benefit from a bit of information. As for prostate health, I have learned that Kegels may relieve some of the symptoms, but should not be considered a means to shrink oversize prostates.

I will present information on Kegels for men and Kegels for women. This will include videos for each. At the end, I will include equipment options from Amazon that are designed to make the exercises more effective.

Here is a very informative introductory video for Kegel beginners.


The Mayo Clinic tells us that “Kegel exercises for men can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder and bowel and affect sexual function. With practice, Kegels for men can be done just about anytime”.

Here is a step by step video explanation of Kegels for men. Very well done, by Michelle Kenway.

This video is from the same excellent instructor, Michelle Kenway. It deals with Kegels specifically for sexual function and bladder control.


Women’s Health tells us that Kegels are important for strengthening the vagina after childbirth. “When women have a little bit of looseness of the pelvic floor after childbirth, Kegels can help build up those muscles and facilitate the process of healing”.

This video will explain why women must do Kegel exercises correctly.

The two essential Kegel exercises for women, with Michelle Kenway. For strength and endurance.


As an Amazon associate, I may include their relevant links in my articles and benefit from their activity. This has no effect on the pricing. Amazon has equipment for Kegel exercises, as well as just about everything for any other form of exercise.

With each link, you will find pictures, detailed information, reviews and more links to similar options.

Pelvic floor trainer

Kegel balls for women

Thigh Master Kegel exerciser


My impression is that Kegels have been done by women for longer than by men. I kept reading that “Kegels are not just for women” in the information for men.

It seems to me that there is plenty of reason for both sexes to try them out. Our pelvic floors contain health systems in our bodies that are vital to our overall well-being. This becomes more important as we age.

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Let’s welcome the cool Fall weather!


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